Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Havering College Scandal Caused Deaths ?

1980s Barratt Homes Helicopter Advertising Campaign (youtube) 
The Havering Witness Justice Campaign was launched to campaign for a full police and government investigation into witnessed criminal events at Havering College of Further and Higher Education, Ardleigh Green Road, London Borough of Havering. 

It is alleged by several witnesses that a criminal plan of orchestrated criminality was inflicted on the staff and students of the college in a bid to close the college for lucrative property development during the Thatcher years. It is alleged that wealthy tories objected to the college being so near to the exclusive wealthy Emerson Park estate. Havering College Biology lecturer Penny Garner died in despair only a few years after the death of her partner John Bauldie in an air crash.  Journalist John Bauldie was a personal friend of former Chelsea FC vice chair Matthew Harding, they died together in a helicopter crash after watching a football match.  John Bauldie had told Matthew Harding of the Conservative Party's alleged criminal plan to close the Havering college site - the Conservatives had previously been instrumental in the closure of former Romford Borough FC's football ground Brookands. Brooklands was subsequently developed into a housing estare.

Matthew Harding killed in a helicopter crash (Daily Mail)

Can you help us ? Do you have any information about events at the college ? 
    Please contact The Havering Witness campaign with any information, in complete confidence on the e-mail address below. Thank you for your help.

    Eye-Witness Allegations Of Havering College Scandal

    British Establishment punish holidays but excuse machine guns in colleges ??!!

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