Friday, 21 April 2017

Essex Bishop Critical of BREXIT GREED

Essex Bishop warns of GREED (Y.A. photo)
On the front page of this week's Yellow Advertiser (Havering Edition) the Bishop of Chelmsford, Essex's most senior church figure, had criticised the GREED and SELFISHNESS of Britain today under a Conservative government.

"I see a lot of greed"

Speaking to reporter Michael Cox, Bishop Stephen Cottrell stressed his concern at the growing pressures on charities to bridge the huge wealth gaps in BREXIT Britain today.

"Charities are needed more than ever before"

The Bishop seemed shocked at the growth of FOOD BANKS in Essex and praised the "fantastic work" of charity workers COPING with the growing wealth divide in our nation.

"There were hardly any food banks in Essex, now there's a lot"

On BREXIT, the Bishop urged people not to ignore global reality and not to "pull up the drawbridge" because to do so "has never been the Christian way".

"There is an attitude that somehow we can go it alone. I don't think we can. This is a global economy."

The Bishop of Chelmsford, Essex's  most senior church figure, has stressed the harmful realities of BREXIT GREED and we should, whether christian and secular, take respectful note of his warnings.

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