Saturday, 29 April 2017

Disgusting Low Standards In OUR NHS

(from Manchester Evening News)
The Conservative Party want to privatise our NHS - our National Health Service that the war veterans and their families voted so strongly for after the war in the much-wanted building of a more peaceful and caring country following the murder and suffering of two world wars. Many voters in Romford suspect that the endless scandals and protests connected to the NHS are a result of the Conservative Party plan to completely privatise it and replace our NHS with PRIVATE HEALTH INSURANCE only like the United States system.

(Daily Mail Photo)
Our ROMFORD MP Andrew Rosindell has NOT made a single speech or asked a single parliamentary question about securing the long-term public sector future of the NHS despite widespread concern in the Romford electorate. Rosindell doesn't even list the NHS as an interest on the parliament web-site - he is more concerned with foreign affairs and is one of the most travelled MPs in the whole of the House of Commons.

Doctors and nurses whose clinical decisions KILL patients, patients who DIE of neglect from careerist staff who don't care, Money WASTED on non-essential and controversial pet projects, corrupt OVERPAYMENT of locum doctors, doctors using NHS wards for PRIVATE patients and many many more examples of  the disgusting low standards of the NHS today UNDER A CONSERVATIVE GOVERNMENT. 

If you want to save the NHS that the war veterans and their families wanted and helped to build themselves then PLEASE do NOT vote Conservative in the 8th June 2017 general election, thank you.

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