Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Kick Rosindell Out !

If you aren't a royalist flag-waving sheep you will be keen to get rid of our royalist jingoistic MP Andrew Rosindell - this general election is a chance for those suspicious of the real reasons behind BREXIT to make their views known ! Why should our young people be denied the education, employment and travel opportunities of Europe !

What right do little Englanders have to deny international opportunity to YOUR FAMILY while THEY live in disgusting levels of wealth obtained in international business. The vast majority of white British families have EUROPEAN ANCESTRY who is Andrew Rosindell to DENY the ancestry of our own families !

VOTE AGAINST ROSINDELL ON THE 8th JUNE 2017 in the General Election. Here are just a few of the reason why !!

TORY BREXIT reality - no deal is a "good deal"

Havering College Scandal COVER-UP !! 

Rosindell gets an extra £59,000 !  

Tory Hypocrisy - Machine Gun Excused BUT Holidays Punished 

Romford People Feel Embarrased By JINGOISTIC Andrew Rosindell MP 

Romford People's ANGER at ROYAL name scheme ! 

Andrew Rosindell MP refuses to ADMIT ALLEGED ROLE in College Scandal

The political contradictions of Andrew Rosindell MP 

Killer of Lee Rigby went to Rosindell's old school  

Investigation into murder of Lee Rigby (Killer went to Rosindell's old school) 

Tories LIE To Our Young People ?  


Havering Council Orchard Village housing estate scandal 

Two Tier BREXIT REALITY of Tories 

Gibraltar Betrayed ?! 

"Lower Class" persecution in Romford education ? 

Tory-controlled Havering Council and pension fund scandal 

The FAILURE language of Post-Privatisation Britain 


Irish "Fenian" Barratt Family Joined Romford Conservatives 

Rosindell Fails To Help Iraq Hero 

Tories "Slave Drive" TEACHERS Out of their jobs ! 

Do The Tories Even Care About YOUR NHS ? 

Former Aide to Rosindell Linked to suicide of Elliott Johnson ? 

Why doesn't Rosindell publicly clarify his sexual orientation if he claims traditonal values ?  

Andrew Rosindell advocates everbody else joining up 

High profile murders in Rosindell's Romford - Why ?

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