Saturday, 29 April 2017

Disgusting Low Standards In OUR NHS

(from Manchester Evening News)
The Conservative Party want to privatise our NHS - our National Health Service that the war veterans and their families voted so strongly for after the war in the much-wanted building of a more peaceful and caring country following the murder and suffering of two world wars. Many voters in Romford suspect that the endless scandals and protests connected to the NHS are a result of the Conservative Party plan to completely privatise it and replace our NHS with PRIVATE HEALTH INSURANCE only like the United States system.

(Daily Mail Photo)
Our ROMFORD MP Andrew Rosindell has NOT made a single speech or asked a single parliamentary question about securing the long-term public sector future of the NHS despite widespread concern in the Romford electorate. Rosindell doesn't even list the NHS as an interest on the parliament web-site - he is more concerned with foreign affairs and is one of the most travelled MPs in the whole of the House of Commons.

Doctors and nurses whose clinical decisions KILL patients, patients who DIE of neglect from careerist staff who don't care, Money WASTED on non-essential and controversial pet projects, corrupt OVERPAYMENT of locum doctors, doctors using NHS wards for PRIVATE patients and many many more examples of  the disgusting low standards of the NHS today UNDER A CONSERVATIVE GOVERNMENT. 

If you want to save the NHS that the war veterans and their families wanted and helped to build themselves then PLEASE do NOT vote Conservative in the 8th June 2017 general election, thank you.

"Psychopathic" Surgeon Convicted After HUNDREDS of Victims

BRITISH RED CROSS says NHS is "Humanitarian Crisis"


Does Andrew Rosindell MP even care about ordinary people ?

Poverty and Death Under a Conservative Government

Money Wasted On "Middle Class" National ME Centre While NHS Basic Standards Struggling

Havering was home to "wasteful" National ME Centre

ASIAN LOCUM Doctors receive huge NHS payouts

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Havering College Scandal Caused Deaths ?

1980s Barratt Homes Helicopter Advertising Campaign (youtube) 
The Havering Witness Justice Campaign was launched to campaign for a full police and government investigation into witnessed criminal events at Havering College of Further and Higher Education, Ardleigh Green Road, London Borough of Havering. 

It is alleged by several witnesses that a criminal plan of orchestrated criminality was inflicted on the staff and students of the college in a bid to close the college for lucrative property development during the Thatcher years. It is alleged that wealthy tories objected to the college being so near to the exclusive wealthy Emerson Park estate. Havering College Biology lecturer Penny Garner died in despair only a few years after the death of her partner John Bauldie in an air crash.  Journalist John Bauldie was a personal friend of former Chelsea FC vice chair Matthew Harding, they died together in a helicopter crash after watching a football match.  John Bauldie had told Matthew Harding of the Conservative Party's alleged criminal plan to close the Havering college site - the Conservatives had previously been instrumental in the closure of former Romford Borough FC's football ground Brookands. Brooklands was subsequently developed into a housing estare.

Matthew Harding killed in a helicopter crash (Daily Mail)

Can you help us ? Do you have any information about events at the college ? 
    Please contact The Havering Witness campaign with any information, in complete confidence on the e-mail address below. Thank you for your help.

    Eye-Witness Allegations Of Havering College Scandal

    British Establishment punish holidays but excuse machine guns in colleges ??!!

    Friday, 21 April 2017

    Essex Bishop Critical of BREXIT GREED

    Essex Bishop warns of GREED (Y.A. photo)
    On the front page of this week's Yellow Advertiser (Havering Edition) the Bishop of Chelmsford, Essex's most senior church figure, had criticised the GREED and SELFISHNESS of Britain today under a Conservative government.

    "I see a lot of greed"

    Speaking to reporter Michael Cox, Bishop Stephen Cottrell stressed his concern at the growing pressures on charities to bridge the huge wealth gaps in BREXIT Britain today.

    "Charities are needed more than ever before"

    The Bishop seemed shocked at the growth of FOOD BANKS in Essex and praised the "fantastic work" of charity workers COPING with the growing wealth divide in our nation.

    "There were hardly any food banks in Essex, now there's a lot"

    On BREXIT, the Bishop urged people not to ignore global reality and not to "pull up the drawbridge" because to do so "has never been the Christian way".

    "There is an attitude that somehow we can go it alone. I don't think we can. This is a global economy."

    The Bishop of Chelmsford, Essex's  most senior church figure, has stressed the harmful realities of BREXIT GREED and we should, whether christian and secular, take respectful note of his warnings.

    Election 2017 in Romford - The Reality of Tory "Family Values"

    Election 2017 in Romford - What TORY BREXIT will REALLY be

    Election 2017 in Romford - Our NHS in CRISIS

    Election 2017 in Romford - Reasons to VOTE AGAINST Andrew Rosindell MP 

    Thursday, 20 April 2017


    The NHS was one of the strongest wishes of British service personnel and their families after World War II when they voted in huge numbers for Labour Party policies and rejected the self-seeking tories who were thinking about themselves. 

    British Red Cross says NHS is "Humanitarian Crisis" 

    Huge PAY-OUTS to ASIAN Locum Doctors

    Mental Health Crisis !  

    The right priorities ?  

    Does well-travelled Andrew Rosindell MP care about your NHS ? 

    Death and Poverty in Tory Britain

    The Reality of TORY "FAMILY VALUES"

    (image by
    The Romford MP Andrew Rosindell makes heavy use of the monarchy,  history and tradition in his political campaiging but how genuine ARE his claims of representing TRADITIONAL FAMILY VALUES ? 

    How much does he have in common with your values and your family ?

     Here are some of our articles raising concerns we have about Andrew Rosindell MP

    High Profile Murders Linked To Romford - WHY ?

    The political contradictions of Andrew Rosindell MP ? 

    Has Andrew Rosindell MP internationally embarrassed our home town ? 

    Killer was prefect at Rosindell's old school  

    Rape Victim Denied Compensation in TORY Britain 

    "Humanitarian Crisis" in the NHS 

    Andrew Rosindell MP wants everybody ELSE to join up !  

    Tory Wealth Divides Our Nation !  

    Tory Health Secretary pockets £15 MILLION while NHS in crisis  

    Tories SHUT OUT Iraq and Afghanistan War Veterans 

    Havering College Scandal - Politicised Policing  

    Mental HealthVictim DIES in Police Custody


    Why did it take Channel 4 to report child abuse ? 

    Why doesn't Andrew Rosindell MP simply confirm his sexual orientation ? 

    Elizabeth Peacock, former Batley and Spen MP, should have publicly condemned the murder of Jo Cox MP 

    The Reality of TORY BREXIT

    (image from
    British voters already know that when all the talking is done TORY BREXIT will benefit the 
    rich and harm the poor. We list some of our BREXIT reality articles below:
    BREXIT Redundancy and Opportunity Worries

    Two-Tier respect in Two Tier BREXIT Britain 



    Theresa May on BREXIT - No Deal is a "good deal" ??!! 

    BREXIT hate and special tory immigration favours   

    Friday, 7 April 2017

    Royalist Hypocrisy ! Machine Gun Exonerated While Holidays Punished !

    Jon Platt Punished For Family Holiday (Telegraph photo)

    Father Jon Platt punished by the Crown for holiday in term-time but NO ACTION has been taken on a machine-gun fired in a college ! SHOCKING and ARROGANT INJUSTICE ! 

    Firing A Machine Gun Is Above the Law ??!! (ebay photo)

    The TORIES are only too keen to allow punishment of others whilst their own criminal conduct remains above the law - ordinary people suffer yet again !

    BBC: "Jon Platt lost his legal challenge against a fine for taking his daughter out of primary school on an unauthorised holiday during term time. The Supreme Court ruled against Jon Platt, who had won earlier legal battles against a £120 fine in a case brought by the Isle of Wight council. Mr Platt said the decision, over a trip to Florida, meant the "state was taking the rights away from parents".But Prime Minister Theresa May said it was for schools to decide on absences.  The decision makes clear that parents in England can be fined if their children miss school without the agreement of the head teacher".

    Here in Havering, the local Conservative Party have NEVER BEEN HELD TO ACCOUNT for numerous witness accounts of severe public safety and criminal issues involving firearms, youth offenders, the misuse of police and security powers, and other illegal activity in attempted "fixes" in "politically hostile" schools and colleges in Havering. In ABOVE-THE-LAW HAVERING a machine gun can be sold and fired in a college with hundreds of students, staff and members of the public passing-by WITHOUT ANY CONSEQUENCE AT ALL !

    The Telegraph report of Jon Platt's Punishment

    Unaccountable Criminal and Public Safety issues in Tory Havering

    Wednesday, 5 April 2017

    The Wilson Enlightenment and the Thatcherite Orthodoxy

    The Wilson Enlightenment 

    Harold Wilson led an Enlightenment (newstatesman)
    Harold Wilson's  Labour Govermenr of the 1960s and 1970s should be considered worthy of the weighty historical title of a true modern Enlightenment. The word Enlightenment has been highly restricted in use by conservative historians who seek to restrict social evolution implicitly by controlling vocabulary. So we the public associate the word Enlightenment as something above us that happened in the past, we are further told that the lessons have already been learnt - we say that is a lie to protect the British Establishment and its public relations wings of the monarchy and the Conservative Party.

    Harold Wilson was bitterly opposed by the British Establishment in everything he did. article (see link below):  "Prime Minister Harold Wilson enacted social reforms in education, health, housing, gender equality, price controls, pensions, provisions for disabled people and child poverty...As Prime Minister from 1964 to 1970, his main plan was to modernise. He believed that he would be aided by the “white heat of the technological revolution”. His government supported backbench MPs in liberalising laws on censorship, divorce, abortion, and homosexuality, and he abolished capital punishment. Crucial steps were taken towards stopping discrimination against women and ethnic minorities, and Wilson’s government also created the Open University."

    We say that the national leadership of Harold Wilson was a TRUE ENLIGHTENMENT fully deserving of national recognition in the history of our nation

    The Thatcherite Orthodoxy

    Orthodoxy dressed up as a "new age" (bbc)
    It is the convention of the Conservative Party and the heavily biased right-wing press to present the Thatcher years as a "new age" for Britain - but nothing could be further from the truth. We say that  Margaret Thatcher was the most orthodox of modern Conservative Party leaders.  Why do we say that ? The vast majority of human history has occured in feudal societies based on blood and wealth, their modern equivalents of business barons, the super-rich, the professions, the freemasons and "entrepreneurs"all seek to exert similar all-powerful influence on every aspect of our lives - they are the modern feudal corporate system who do not want any limits placed on their power just like feudal lords of centuries past.

    Margaret Thatcher and her frenzied supporters DESTROYED the wishes of  post-war 1950s Britain and its passionate yearning for better social conditions after the suffering of two world wars. For British people to have ANY social support whether in employment, health, education, pensions, or housing was a rare and precious acheivement that had to be FOUGHT hard for by post-war Labour governments.  Margaret Thatcher simply DESTROYED PROGRESS and returned Britain to its ORTHODOXY of a modern feudal structire dominated by wealth and blood.

    We say the Thatcher years were a return to the ORTHODOXY of private capital and not worthy of the press-label of a "new age".  

    (BREXIT is a further measure by the British Establishment to insulate THIER interests from the decisions of others.  We have heard little from the biased press but the evils of immigration, what they don't tell you is that BREXIT will rely heavily on immigration and trade deals with India, China, the Middle East, Africa and South America - why are these places better than Europe ?) 

    Harold Wilson's Enlightenment ( article)

    Telegraph reports on Britains Wealth Gap (2010)

    Independent reports on deep divisions (2016)

    CNN Reports Britain's Post-Brexit Inequality set to reach record highs (2017)