Thursday, 30 March 2017

Will BREXIT Mean More Tory LIES About Job Security ?

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Young British people are sick and tired of being told LIES by the British monarchy-loving economic establishment about the careers they should consider because of the "high demand",  "crisis shortage" and "urgent need" for them.  As young and older British people know these promises of job security never actually materialise.  Here are just two of the REPEATING LIES we have heard many many times on the BBC over the last twenty years:

  • LIE "There is a huge shortage of engineers".  Aimed at young people and in DIRECT CONTRADICTION to the well-known "scrap-heap" and "rust-belt" of large numbers of unemployed engineers caused by the massive reductions in manufacturing and maintenance by the policies of Margaret Thatcher and the Conservative Party.
  •  LIE "Language Skills should be urgently encouraged as the EU is our biggest market".  While BREXIT TORY politicians like Romford's Andrew Rosindell MP were busy planning to leave the EU many young Briitsh people were encouraged to take European language courses with a view to working in the EU or for British companies with high volumes of EU trade.   
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Why do they LIE to us about demand for job skills ?  The answer is simple.  Expensive fee-paying posh schools attended by the Royal Conservative Establishment want their students to have the best chance possible to get the top jobs for themselves. To help this LIES are told to the rest of us about job demand so that tens of thousands of young people will make the WRONG CHOICES.  Thats the true nature of the British Royal Conservative Party and the nature that royalist MP Andrew Rosindell so keenly supports.

The Tories would take us back to the age of Queen Victoria if they could - will YOU let them ?
Oxford University Professior Give More Realistic View

Fewer British people studying European languages 

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