Friday, 17 March 2017

White Working Class Targetted In SPICE Drug Epidemic

Don't help criminals by taking drugs ! (poster)
The highly addictive synthetic cannabis drug SPICE is being used by the RICH to target large numbers of struggling white working class people who already have severe life crises to deal with.  Their lives have already been hit hard with severe crises such as child abuse, domestic violence, homelessness, severe bullying, family breakdown, rape, unwanted pregnancies, victims of abortion hate crime, unemployment, mental and physical illness, disability, victims of class hate crimes and many more deeply distrubing tragic experiences at the hands of the Christian capitalist society we live in. Don't take drugs, stay healthy and fight against their evil system of shifting ALL blame to the working classes.

DON'T TAKE DRUGS ! (Daily Mail photo)
If their lives weren't bad enough they are now being targetted by the rich to become ADDICTS of the highly addictive synthetic cannabis SPICE.  The behaviour of these poor victims of tory capitalism, already erratic due to their extreme experiences,  becomes a drug-accelerated "spectacle" for the rich city passers-by to use to try and justify more extreme police and coucil powers treating the victims of Christian capitalism as if they were the criminals.


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