Saturday, 25 March 2017


Hero PC Keith Palmer And Tribute By Metropolitan Police  (Express)
Thousands of emergency response service professionals and passers-by save thousands of lives every day without a word of their actions appearing anywhere in the press. In the shocking "lone wolf" terror attack in Westminster this week hundreds of people were involved in selflessly helping the victims - we would like to pay our own small tribute by simply thanking them for their actions.

Daily Mail photo
But what was the FIRST PRIORITY of the Royal Establishment in the formal recognition of responses to the attack ? It was the appointment of Conservative Party "Hero" Tobias Elwood MP to Privy Councillor with the title Right Honourable ONLY TWO DAYS after the event.  On London's radio channel LBC we counted the name of Tobias Elwood MP mentioned ten times in one hour like a slogan ! It was clear from subsequent reports that a crowd of people had gathered around PC Keith Palmer, including several highly-trained medical staff, BUT Tobias Elwood MP appeared to be given COMMAND of the scene. IF this is true was this the right procedure in such a situation ? True hero PC Keith Palmer later died.

Voters who need some insight of how BREXIT will really proceed need look no further than the
two-level attitudes of the Royal Establishment evident in the fast-track award given to Tobias Elwood MP. Just like the many two-tier political battlegrounds in British politics of post-code policing, post-code NHS service levels,  post-code deterioration  of state schools and the post-code social care scandal  BREXIT too will have its clear social divisions.  Just because the ordinary man, woman and child is to be denied, by BREXIT, the many opportunities of the European Union DON'T THINK that the Royals and Conservative Establshment will stop their own European links and their benefits ! It is only ordinary British people who will suffer !

Privy council awarded to Tobias Elwood MP and Ben Wallace MP

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