Wednesday, 1 March 2017


No we haven't forgotten (daily mail photo)
The word BREXIT has been promoted by the Royalist Conservative Party-supporting press in their bid to transfer their own self-preservation agenda to ordinary people by using immigration issues. However the REALITY of ROYAL TWO-TIER BREXIT will be very different to the everyday meaning we have all become used to.

The British royal family, the peerage, gentry, and the wider pro-monarchist network are all condemning the European Union and the EURO currency with the purpose of dividing the British people from thier European counterparts. However THEY, in their palaces, stately homes and public schools will continue to have their Royal European links and develop new business relationships with European partners far far removed from the lives of ordinary Britons. 

The Telegraph reports that the London Stock Exchange is trying to merge with the German  Deutsche Borse: "Senior bankers have criticised the European Commission for torpedoing the London Stock Exchange's planned merger with the Deutsche Borse, accusing it of being intransigent. They singled out the body's unwillingness to accept a remedial plan put forward by the LSE after regulators unexpectedly demanded it sell a stake in MTS, an Italian bond trading venue, as a condition of its mooted €24bn (£21bn) merger with its German rival."

Telegraph reports

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