Wednesday, 8 March 2017

We Say Romford Needs An MP Not A Royal Servant !

Daily Mail headlines
Romford's royalist and very well-travelled MP Andrew Rosindell made a rare appearance in parliament yesterday to deliver a ten minute rule bill.   

Can you guess the subject of his parliamentary bill ?

Did Andrew Rosindell MP fight against the NHS cuts that are worrying the voters of Romford ? No, he didn't

Did Andrew Rosindell MP take urgent action over the social care crisis blocking up our hospitals with waiting patients ? No, he didn't

Perhaps Mr Rosindell took exception to extra money for grammar schools while many schools in lower income areas are in a terrible state ? No, he didn't

Ah ! Maybe Mr Rosindell wanted to make a full statement to the press about his alleged involvement and knowledge of the Havering orchestrated criminality scandal ? No, he didn't.

Lavish banquets of little or no benefit to British people
WELL What did he do then ?! Andrew Rosindell MP's ten minute rule bill in parliament yesterday was to launch YET ANOTHER PARTY FOR THE QUEEN AT OUR EXPENSE !  Billions of our taxes have already been spent on royal parties as well as all the other expenses of palaces, estates, holidays, investments, education, military training, expensive clothes and many many more costs WE PAY FOR

WE SAY the sooner this country becomes a republic the better for everyone ! Get rid of the monarchy and get rid of this narrow-minded MP Andrew Rosindell - we want a balanced MP that deals with ALL the issues of the Romford electorate not one obsessed with royalty and his own social status. 

We have little doubt that Andrew Rosindell MP will use the Sapphire Jubilee as a reason for yet more visits abroad to his many overseas commonwealth "interests" rather than devoting a more appropriate amount of his time to his constituents and their many concerns.

Daily Mail reports on Andrew Rosindell MP's ten minute rule bill

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Does Andrew Rosindell MP care about child abuse ?Does Andrew Rosindell MP care about "lower class" educaton ? 

Islamic Killer from Andrew Rosindell MP's old school seeks compensation ! 

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