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Poverty and Death - The Real Tory "Economic Reality"

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Last week tory chancellor Phillip Hammond was talking about econmic realities in his spring budget and Romford MP Andrew Rosindell had used a Ten Minute Rule Bill to promote yet another party for the Queen (this time its the Sapphire Jubilee) - all at our expense of course ! 

However luckily for us and frequently without recognition for their efforts some diligent social commentators had quietly identified the massive (and growing) economic inequalities in British "society" today. We thank them for their efforts which all too frequently go without well-deserved credit.

Reality used to be a proud banner of professional British journalism but today's upmarket blue-suited journalists will just laugh at the suggestion that they should dig for the truth to hold the corrupt to account.  Their job is to deflect public attention from the truth.

While the rich royal tories were talking about reversing taxation rises, having yet more parties for the Queen, doing-up Buckingham Palace and telling Scottish people off about independence - a very different picture of Britain today quietly emerged - death and poverty. 
RT reports: "Child poverty has soared in the UK under successive Conservative-led governments, with up to 30 percent of British children now classed as deprived, a third of these from families currently in work, new figures show. The analysis of household income data was published on Thursday by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).The figures estimate that over the course of 2015-16 around 100,000 more children fell into poverty. Around 4 million are now categorized as deprived.Charities and think tanks say the situation is getting worse.

The figures show up to 67 percent of the UK’s poorest children are in fact from working families.
They also show there has been a surge in poverty rates among children in single-parent homes.
These troubling figures are warning signs we could be at the beginning of a sharp rise in poverty, with forecasts suggesting child poverty could rise further by 2021,” Campbell Robb, head of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, told the Guardian.

The prime minister spoke about injustice on entering Downing Street, but there is no greater burning injustice than children being forced into poverty as a result of government policy,” Child Poverty Action Group chief Alison Garnham told the paper.

Justin Watson, the head of Oxfam UK’s poverty division, warned: “There are now more people in poverty in the UK than there have been for almost 20 years and a million more than at the beginning of the decade.

 BBC reports: "Significantly high" death rates have been recorded at 19 of England's 133 NHS trusts, a BBC investigation has established. 

There were 15,396 more deaths than expected at the trusts in the period between 2011 and 2016. Blackpool Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trust had the highest number of excess deaths - 1,878 over the five years.

The analysis reveals a strong link between high mortality rates in England and lower than average doctor numbers. High levels of hospital bed occupancy also appear to be an increasingly important factor in high mortality rates.

The Guardian reports on child poverty figures 

Joseph Rowntree report on poverty 2016 

RT reports on poverty 

BBC reports 15,000 NHS "Excess Deaths" 

Romford needs a dedicated MP not a royal servant !

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