Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Labour Leadership Contender Kier Starmer "Writes Off" Next Election Under Corbyn

Future Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer ? (BBC Photo)
"A senior shadow cabinet member tipped as a future party leader has written off Labour's chances of winning the next election under Jeremy Corbyn. 

Shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer told journalists: "I'm very straightforward that if things don't improve there is no prospect of us winning a General Election."

Step Aside Mr Corbyn - we need a real chance ! (daily mail)
Sir Keir also dismissed excuses for Labour's Copeland by-election defeat put forward by Mr Corbyn and his allies, declaring: "I don't think some of the reasons put forward are compelling."

And pointing the finger of blame at Mr Corbyn, he added: "A number of things came up, including the direction of travel of the Labour Party, Labour's ability to communicate and understand what people are saying to them and, of course, the leadership of the Labour Party and we all know that."

Speaking at a Parliamentary Press Gallery lunch, the former director of public prosecutions (DPP) said there was "no appetite" for a leadership challenge, but he repeatedly refused to rule out a future bid to be the next leader.

Jeremy Corbyn's leadership is clearly not in the best interests of the Labour Party and the voters who need Labour policies.
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Corbyn's Unpopularity Worse Than Michael Foot in the 1980s !!  (politicshome)

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