Thursday, 23 March 2017

INJUSTICE causes Psychosomatic Diseases

The victims of injustice not only have to contend with their immediate anger and frustration at their legal rights being ignored or even ridiculed by the conservative establishment they are also much more likely to suffer serious health problems in the longer-term.  You might not be surprised to learn that thee are no specific official figures available on the full costs of injustice to the taxpayer but we can point out certain facts about Psychosomatic Diseases and their cause.

What is PSYCHOSOMATIC DISEASE ?  The BLACKS Medical Dictionary (38th Edition) entry states:

"Psychosomatic diseases are illnesses resulting from the effects of excessive or repressed emotions upon bodily function. They effect vast numbers of patients who are not out of their minds and yet do not have any organic disease to account for their illness...Functional symptoms must not be regarded as invented or imagined or as a mysterious state affecting an inferior personality."
BLACK's Medical Dictionary identifies THREE major potential problem areas that lead to Psychosomatic Diseases, they are personal reltionships, wider social and community relationships, and work-related issues. Victims of injustice are likely to experience great strain in ALL THREE of these identified causes. It is natural and healthy to be angry at demonstrable injustice but the deliberate blocking of access to justice by the establishment will also cause serious disease in the longer-term - and they know it does too. 

BLACK's also identifies a number of psychosomatic symptoms: Headache and muscle pain; increased heart rate and blood pressure; digestive system problems - constipation, nausea and vomiting; sleeplessnes and extreme irritability; restricted or uncomfortable breathing; excessive sweating and exhaustion; skin diseases and many other symptoms associated with the body's chemical response to constant anxiety.

What is the cure ? Well if injustice is the disease then surely the cure is justice. We say that the cure is a modern British republic with a written constitution. We would like to see a constitution that completely destroys the rogue self-serving conservative establishment that poisons our nation and its people from within - they have done so with insufferable arrogance since the Norman Conquest.

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