Monday, 20 March 2017

Happy Birthday Vera Lynn !

Vera Lynn 100 today ! (The Sun newspaper photo)
Vera Lynn, the singer who became known as the "forces sweetheart" during World War II, is 100 today - Happy Birthday Vera !  What a great tragedy it is that so many other British people didn't reach such a magnificent age whether in war or peace.

We're just about to start a royal-approved Brexit - a message of hostility to our European friends who suffered so much too.

So....Vera ! Can we ask you some questions after your birthday cake and song  ? 

Is Thatcherite Britain the country that the veterans and their families of two world wars yearned for when they voted for Labour's welfare state policies in the late 1940s? 

Was the gleeful destruction of our nationalised industries by Margaret Thatcher's yuppies what veterans and their families really wanted ? 

Did the veterans enjoy watching their sons and daughters struggle to find work as much as they enjoyed your songs  ? 

Is the ongoing attack by the Conservative Party on the NHS and social support the shared aim of veterans and their families who voted for Labour policies when they came home from war ?

Is watching the arrogant Thatcher generation sneer at the old and needy the vision that veterans had for their country when they risked their lives for it ? 

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