Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Disgusting Injustice ! Custody Death Cops Walk Free

Thomas Orchard died in custody (BBC)
Thomas Orchard died in police custody,  his "crime" was mental illness.  The three police officers involved in the custody death of Thomas Orchard walked free from court yesterday with their pay, benefits and pensions to look forward to. Thomas was mentally ill and was receiving treatment for his condition after he and his family had the courage to seek help and allow the formal acknowledgement of his condition.

The Guardian reports "For four-and-a-half years now, the Orchard family – Alison, Thomas’s father, Ken, and his siblings, Jo and Jack – have fought to find out the truth of why he died. Now they believe they have an answer. “I’m completely certain that had it been picked up as a mental health crisis and taken to a place where that was understood, he would be alive,” Alison said.  The family were to discover that Orchard, who was being treated for paranoid schizophrenia, had had a mental breakdown and was arrested after approaching a passerby and beginning an argument. Police were called and he was pinned down in the street and restrained by his hands, legs and ankles."

"At Heavitree police station in Exeter an emergency response belt (ERB), a heavy cloth device with handles most often used to secure prisoners around the body so that they can be carried, was held over his face. He was carried in the prone position to a cell, where he was searched while lying on his front, still masked by the ERB. The belt was removed and he was left alone, face down, in the cell. He suffered a cardiac arrest and brain damage. The ERB had been applied to his face for a total of five minutes and two seconds."

Custody Death Cops Walk Free (BBC)

The unaccountable tragic death of their son, Thomas, was the response of British society to the individual and social responsibility shown by the Orchard family in handling the very difficult and demanding circumstance of serious mental illness.  It is an utter disgrace !  The Havering Witness would like to express our deepest sympathies with the Orchard family and offer any help we can in getting justice for Thomas.

The editor of the Havering Witness has himself experienced injustice, mental illness, the gleeful unaccountablility of the police and the misuse of police and secutity powers to cover it all up. We have also been the victims of politicised policing that made use of royal security operations and the political agendas of local MPs in a concerted attempt to smear us as criminals and escape any scrutiny of their own unaccountable actions within the London Borough of Havering.

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