Thursday, 9 March 2017

Conservative Party SHUTS OUT Families Of Iraq and Afghanistan War Fatalities

Havering's Kirk Redpath's family excluded ? (Daily Mail)
The families of armed forces servicemen and servicewomen KILLED in the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars vented their anger yesterday at being SHUT OUT of the memorial unveiling ceremony to take place today. Many hundreds of families whose relatives paid with thier lives to protect the ongoing wealth and priviledge of the Royal Conservative establishment were simply NOT INVITED.  It was only recently that the family of Havering's own Iraq war hero Kirk Redpath were legally denied the opportunity to seek a DUTY OF CARE negligence judgement against the alleged incompetence of the MOD and its thousands of faceless "experts".

Romford MP Andrew Rosindell DID NOT HELP the Redpath family and we can find no statemert from him on the anger of service families being excluded. We have long stated our opinion that Romford MP Andrew Rosindell is not a genuine MP at all but is simply using politics as a vehicle to pursue an association with royal society in a bid to get honours and wealth.  It is little wonder to us that Andrew Rosindell MP has had life-long links to Jeffrey Archer.
Rosindell with ANOTHER expensive Royal party (bbc)

Only this week Andrew Rosindell found the time to make a rare House of Commons appearance.  Was it to help Kirk Redpath ? NO ! it was to promote YET ANOTHER expensive party for the Queen and the Sapphire Jubilee with a ten miunte rule bill.   

Please HELP US get rid of Rosindell !!    

Plymouth Herald reports anger of killed serviceman's families

Sky News report (see last paragraph of article)

Belfast Telegraph reports

Andrew Rosindell and Jeffrey Archer - Romford Recorder 

Conservative Party Blocks DUTY OF CARE liability to killed service personnel 

Romford deserves a proper MP not a Royal servant ! 

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