Tuesday, 21 March 2017

BMA Medical Ethics Committee Member Supports Sex-Selection Abortions

DAILY MAIL reports: 

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"If a woman does not want to have a foetus who is one sex or the other, forcing her is not going to be good for the eventual child, and it’s not going to be good for the mother’s mental health.’ says Professor Wendy Savage, BMA Medical Ethics Committee.  

Women should be able to have abortions simply because their unborn child is the ‘wrong’ sex, a leading ethics expert at the British Medical Association has said. In a highly provocative interview with The Mail on Sunday, Professor Wendy Savage called for the law banning such terminations to be scrapped.  But pro-life campaigners immediately slammed her demands as ‘utterly abhorrent’.
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Her contentious comments come amid concerns that British parents are seeking abortions based on the gender of babies – which has led to some NHS hospitals refusing to tell parents-to-be that information. Prof Savage said not telling parents the sex of their babies was ‘outrageous’.

 Conservative MP Mark Field said: ‘To have someone like Wendy Savage with her extreme views at the heart of the BMA is a very worrying sign. The majority of people in this country, even those who support abortion, think sex-selective abortion is a step too far.’

Our Opinion

We agree with Professor Wendy Savage that if physical or mental harm to mother or child is likely to occur as a result of refusing sex-selection abortions then a responsible doctor CANNOT ignore this fact, it must be taken into consideration and not just dismissed as Conservative MP Mark Field suggests.   Mr Field like many tories seems to delight in telling people what they should or shouldn't do even in the most personal and private of matters.  

2017 - BMA member Prof. Wendy Savage argues to lift ban on sex-selection abortions 

2014 - MPs block sex-selection abortions (Daily Mail reports)

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