Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Andrew Rosindell MP and Jean Lambert MEP Win A Chocolate Tea-Pot Award for Politics

Every now and then the Havering Witness gives a Chocolate Tea-Pot Award to individual politicians, businesses, organisations or anyone else we think deserves such recognition.  On this occasion we would like to express our low opinion of TWO politicians who, we think, deserve a Chocolate Tea-Pot Award for Politics - they are Andrew Rosindell MP and Jean Lambert MEP.  We describe our opinion of these two polticians below:

Our Opinion of Andrew Rosindell MP

Andrew Rosindell MP is promoting a vision of the future that is going to fail

The Queen is now 90 and the Duke of Edinburgh is 95. The heir to the throne, Prince Charles, wants to modernise the monarchy and Prince William appears to agree. Constitutional politics in the "UK" has greatly increased with nationalists successfully attracting voters. None of the world's major powers wants to become a monarchy.  BREXIT is seen by many to be a protective measure against the growing unpopularity of the monarchy AND a strategy of creating a low tax financial services economy centred on the City of London.  Will the rest of the world simply shrug their shoulders and allow this to happen ? Will the rest of the world allow the two-fingered up-yours insulters of the BREXIT Euro-Hate circus to become stinking rich without any objections ? Sounds more like a royal pantomime with fairy godmother granted wishes than a realistic business vision to us ! We don't want an endless army of cheesy smile flag-waving royalist fruitcakes telling us all to be happy about cuts to public services. Please go away Andrew Rosindell and allow us to have a different kind of MP - someone with wider experience of life and work.  We say Andrew Rosindell MP clearly deserves a Chocolate Tea-Pot Awards for Politics.

Our Opinion of Jean Lambert MEP

Jean Lambert MEP has constantly failed over many years to use the huge political and media opportunities available to further the Green movement. 

In recent times green issues have attracted very high levels of public and media interest, this wasn't always the case as many older green campaigners will tell you, but today the coverage and interest of green issues is vast. In addition the younger generation are so adept at modern communications they can access environmental project information anywhere on the globe in seconds. Their interest and desire to be involved is at record-levels with environmental courses at University heavily subscribed. You would think that an experienced green politician would be able to harness this fantastic ground-swell of support and really make progress for the Green Party. Instead of a raging torrent of attention-grabing political campaign creativity we have had a damp squib for decades. Jean Lambert MEP has been about as inspiring as a traffic bollard.  Please go away Jean Lambert MEP we can already watch paint dry if we want to - we don't need you ! Please let enthusiasm and talent take your place and give us all the chance of hearing what green thinkers have to say. We say Jean Lambert MEP clearly deserves a Chocolate Tea-Pot Award for Politics.

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