Friday, 31 March 2017

1970s "Irish Fenian" Family Joined Romford Conservative Party And College Scandal Soon Followed

The original owners of the machine gun sold and test-fired at Havering College are believed by local witnesses to be an Irish Catholic family of surname Barratt. Barratt is an Irish Norman name historically associated with mercenaries from Wales who joined the Anglo-Norman invasion of Ireland.  As you will read the dual British / Irish identity of the Barratt surname seems to have been taken full advantage of by the family themselves to the detriment of the local white British working class community. The Barratt family had dual nationality holding both British and Irish passports.

"Iconic" Barratt Homes Helicopter TV Ad (Daily Mail)
Following the discovery of arms and explosives in the Romford home of the Barratts in the 1970s it is reasonable to expect that they would have been siezed and destroyed by the authorities - they were not. Local witnesses say that this didn't happen and they were sold on to a variety of people not just Irish.

Local witnesses also say that a member of the Barratt family then joined the Romford Conservative Party taking a keen interest in the frenzied council house sales of 1980s Thatcherite Britain. Other members of the Barratt family obtained employment with Ford Motor Company at Dunton, Essex.

Those readers who share our interest in the welfare of ordinary working class people won't be surprised to learn that their public safety interests were very much ignored throughout.  We are still waiting for Andrew Rosindell MP and the Romford Conservative Party to at least confirm that a member of the Barratt family joined their party.

As for ANY consideration of the public safety interests of the local community, well,  we have been totally ignored for nearly 50 years. In the meantime Andrew Rosindell MP has progressed his political career unihindered with the apparent full support of royalist City of London society.           

Havering College Orchestrated Criminality Allegations

"Iconic" Barratt Homes HELICOPTER TV AD

Barratt Surname with Welsh Mercenary Origins

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