Friday, 31 March 2017

1970s "Irish Fenian" Family Joined Romford Conservative Party And College Scandal Soon Followed

The original owners of the machine gun sold and test-fired at Havering College are believed by local witnesses to be an Irish Catholic family of surname Barratt. Barratt is an Irish Norman name historically associated with mercenaries from Wales who joined the Anglo-Norman invasion of Ireland.  As you will read the dual British / Irish identity of the Barratt surname seems to have been taken full advantage of by the family themselves to the detriment of the local white British working class community. The Barratt family had dual nationality holding both British and Irish passports.

"Iconic" Barratt Homes Helicopter TV Ad (Daily Mail)
Following the discovery of arms and explosives in the Romford home of the Barratts in the 1970s it is reasonable to expect that they would have been siezed and destroyed by the authorities - they were not. Local witnesses say that this didn't happen and they were sold on to a variety of people not just Irish.

Local witnesses also say that a member of the Barratt family then joined the Romford Conservative Party taking a keen interest in the frenzied council house sales of 1980s Thatcherite Britain. Other members of the Barratt family obtained employment with Ford Motor Company at Dunton, Essex.

Those readers who share our interest in the welfare of ordinary working class people won't be surprised to learn that their public safety interests were very much ignored throughout.  We are still waiting for Andrew Rosindell MP and the Romford Conservative Party to at least confirm that a member of the Barratt family joined their party.

As for ANY consideration of the public safety interests of the local community, well,  we have been totally ignored for nearly 50 years. In the meantime Andrew Rosindell MP has progressed his political career unihindered with the apparent full support of royalist City of London society.           

Havering College Orchestrated Criminality Allegations

"Iconic" Barratt Homes HELICOPTER TV AD

Barratt Surname with Welsh Mercenary Origins

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Will BREXIT Mean More Tory LIES About Job Security ?

"I'm in charge" (clipartlib)
Young British people are sick and tired of being told LIES by the British monarchy-loving economic establishment about the careers they should consider because of the "high demand",  "crisis shortage" and "urgent need" for them.  As young and older British people know these promises of job security never actually materialise.  Here are just two of the REPEATING LIES we have heard many many times on the BBC over the last twenty years:

  • LIE "There is a huge shortage of engineers".  Aimed at young people and in DIRECT CONTRADICTION to the well-known "scrap-heap" and "rust-belt" of large numbers of unemployed engineers caused by the massive reductions in manufacturing and maintenance by the policies of Margaret Thatcher and the Conservative Party.
  •  LIE "Language Skills should be urgently encouraged as the EU is our biggest market".  While BREXIT TORY politicians like Romford's Andrew Rosindell MP were busy planning to leave the EU many young Briitsh people were encouraged to take European language courses with a view to working in the EU or for British companies with high volumes of EU trade.   
"Keep Out" (clipartfx)
Why do they LIE to us about demand for job skills ?  The answer is simple.  Expensive fee-paying posh schools attended by the Royal Conservative Establishment want their students to have the best chance possible to get the top jobs for themselves. To help this LIES are told to the rest of us about job demand so that tens of thousands of young people will make the WRONG CHOICES.  Thats the true nature of the British Royal Conservative Party and the nature that royalist MP Andrew Rosindell so keenly supports.

The Tories would take us back to the age of Queen Victoria if they could - will YOU let them ?
Oxford University Professior Give More Realistic View

Fewer British people studying European languages 

Saturday, 25 March 2017


Hero PC Keith Palmer And Tribute By Metropolitan Police  (Express)
Thousands of emergency response service professionals and passers-by save thousands of lives every day without a word of their actions appearing anywhere in the press. In the shocking "lone wolf" terror attack in Westminster this week hundreds of people were involved in selflessly helping the victims - we would like to pay our own small tribute by simply thanking them for their actions.

Daily Mail photo
But what was the FIRST PRIORITY of the Royal Establishment in the formal recognition of responses to the attack ? It was the appointment of Conservative Party "Hero" Tobias Elwood MP to Privy Councillor with the title Right Honourable ONLY TWO DAYS after the event.  On London's radio channel LBC we counted the name of Tobias Elwood MP mentioned ten times in one hour like a slogan ! It was clear from subsequent reports that a crowd of people had gathered around PC Keith Palmer, including several highly-trained medical staff, BUT Tobias Elwood MP appeared to be given COMMAND of the scene. IF this is true was this the right procedure in such a situation ? True hero PC Keith Palmer later died.

Voters who need some insight of how BREXIT will really proceed need look no further than the
two-level attitudes of the Royal Establishment evident in the fast-track award given to Tobias Elwood MP. Just like the many two-tier political battlegrounds in British politics of post-code policing, post-code NHS service levels,  post-code deterioration  of state schools and the post-code social care scandal  BREXIT too will have its clear social divisions.  Just because the ordinary man, woman and child is to be denied, by BREXIT, the many opportunities of the European Union DON'T THINK that the Royals and Conservative Establshment will stop their own European links and their benefits ! It is only ordinary British people who will suffer !

Privy council awarded to Tobias Elwood MP and Ben Wallace MP

Daily Mail reportts on Right Honourable Privy Councillor Awards To "Hero" Tory MPs

Sky News reports on privy council award

The Sun reports on privy council awards

Thursday, 23 March 2017

INJUSTICE causes Psychosomatic Diseases

The victims of injustice not only have to contend with their immediate anger and frustration at their legal rights being ignored or even ridiculed by the conservative establishment they are also much more likely to suffer serious health problems in the longer-term.  You might not be surprised to learn that thee are no specific official figures available on the full costs of injustice to the taxpayer but we can point out certain facts about Psychosomatic Diseases and their cause.

What is PSYCHOSOMATIC DISEASE ?  The BLACKS Medical Dictionary (38th Edition) entry states:

"Psychosomatic diseases are illnesses resulting from the effects of excessive or repressed emotions upon bodily function. They effect vast numbers of patients who are not out of their minds and yet do not have any organic disease to account for their illness...Functional symptoms must not be regarded as invented or imagined or as a mysterious state affecting an inferior personality."
BLACK's Medical Dictionary identifies THREE major potential problem areas that lead to Psychosomatic Diseases, they are personal reltionships, wider social and community relationships, and work-related issues. Victims of injustice are likely to experience great strain in ALL THREE of these identified causes. It is natural and healthy to be angry at demonstrable injustice but the deliberate blocking of access to justice by the establishment will also cause serious disease in the longer-term - and they know it does too. 

BLACK's also identifies a number of psychosomatic symptoms: Headache and muscle pain; increased heart rate and blood pressure; digestive system problems - constipation, nausea and vomiting; sleeplessnes and extreme irritability; restricted or uncomfortable breathing; excessive sweating and exhaustion; skin diseases and many other symptoms associated with the body's chemical response to constant anxiety.

What is the cure ? Well if injustice is the disease then surely the cure is justice. We say that the cure is a modern British republic with a written constitution. We would like to see a constitution that completely destroys the rogue self-serving conservative establishment that poisons our nation and its people from within - they have done so with insufferable arrogance since the Norman Conquest.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Asian-Led Locum Doctors Assocation Defends Huge NHS Payouts

Thomas Moore, Health Correspondent for Sky News reveals the jaw-dropping huge payments made to Locum doctors by NHS Trust managers from public funds.  

Agency Doctors "Rip Off" NHS (Huffington Post photo)
Sky News reports:   Of 61 hospital trusts able to supply data, 56 exceeded the average hourly pay cap of £76.10.  At 10 trusts the average hourly rate was more than twice the cap.  And at Great Ormond Street in London the average hourly rate was £225 - more than three times the maximum amount set by the NHS.  Some agency doctors are earning huge sums from the unbridled pay rates - one doctor at Colchester Hospital raked in £128,790 in just three months !  However, the Locum Doctors Association (LDA) said the capped pay rate is not enough to pay for medical insurance and other professional fees that run to thousands of pounds. LDA chair Shehnaz Somjee said: "They could have five to six job offers in a day and they'll choose the best. "They don't have to work if they don't want to because it's a loss to work at the capped rate. "It's not the locum's fault. If (the NHS) wants to maintain the same system then tough. "Patients will either suffer or they'll have to pay more." 

 List of union officals is from the LDA web-site - as you see ALL of the association officials are asian:  Chairperson Miss Shehnaz Somjee, Hon.Secretary Dr Sadiq Hasan, Hon. Treasurer Dr Shashi Vaidya, Deputy Secretary Dr Shreedar Vaidya, Public Relations and Recruitment Dr Sheshadri Reddy and Mr Tajammud Hasan.

 Sky News report on Very High Locum Doctor Payments 

Locum Doctors Association Web-site - ALL officials are ASIAN

Andrew Rosindell MP and Jean Lambert MEP Win A Chocolate Tea-Pot Award for Politics

Every now and then the Havering Witness gives a Chocolate Tea-Pot Award to individual politicians, businesses, organisations or anyone else we think deserves such recognition.  On this occasion we would like to express our low opinion of TWO politicians who, we think, deserve a Chocolate Tea-Pot Award for Politics - they are Andrew Rosindell MP and Jean Lambert MEP.  We describe our opinion of these two polticians below:

Our Opinion of Andrew Rosindell MP

Andrew Rosindell MP is promoting a vision of the future that is going to fail

The Queen is now 90 and the Duke of Edinburgh is 95. The heir to the throne, Prince Charles, wants to modernise the monarchy and Prince William appears to agree. Constitutional politics in the "UK" has greatly increased with nationalists successfully attracting voters. None of the world's major powers wants to become a monarchy.  BREXIT is seen by many to be a protective measure against the growing unpopularity of the monarchy AND a strategy of creating a low tax financial services economy centred on the City of London.  Will the rest of the world simply shrug their shoulders and allow this to happen ? Will the rest of the world allow the two-fingered up-yours insulters of the BREXIT Euro-Hate circus to become stinking rich without any objections ? Sounds more like a royal pantomime with fairy godmother granted wishes than a realistic business vision to us ! We don't want an endless army of cheesy smile flag-waving royalist fruitcakes telling us all to be happy about cuts to public services. Please go away Andrew Rosindell and allow us to have a different kind of MP - someone with wider experience of life and work.  We say Andrew Rosindell MP clearly deserves a Chocolate Tea-Pot Awards for Politics.

Our Opinion of Jean Lambert MEP

Jean Lambert MEP has constantly failed over many years to use the huge political and media opportunities available to further the Green movement. 

In recent times green issues have attracted very high levels of public and media interest, this wasn't always the case as many older green campaigners will tell you, but today the coverage and interest of green issues is vast. In addition the younger generation are so adept at modern communications they can access environmental project information anywhere on the globe in seconds. Their interest and desire to be involved is at record-levels with environmental courses at University heavily subscribed. You would think that an experienced green politician would be able to harness this fantastic ground-swell of support and really make progress for the Green Party. Instead of a raging torrent of attention-grabing political campaign creativity we have had a damp squib for decades. Jean Lambert MEP has been about as inspiring as a traffic bollard.  Please go away Jean Lambert MEP we can already watch paint dry if we want to - we don't need you ! Please let enthusiasm and talent take your place and give us all the chance of hearing what green thinkers have to say. We say Jean Lambert MEP clearly deserves a Chocolate Tea-Pot Award for Politics.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

BMA Medical Ethics Committee Member Supports Sex-Selection Abortions

DAILY MAIL reports: 

(Daily Mail photo)
"If a woman does not want to have a foetus who is one sex or the other, forcing her is not going to be good for the eventual child, and it’s not going to be good for the mother’s mental health.’ says Professor Wendy Savage, BMA Medical Ethics Committee.  

Women should be able to have abortions simply because their unborn child is the ‘wrong’ sex, a leading ethics expert at the British Medical Association has said. In a highly provocative interview with The Mail on Sunday, Professor Wendy Savage called for the law banning such terminations to be scrapped.  But pro-life campaigners immediately slammed her demands as ‘utterly abhorrent’.
(poster from

Her contentious comments come amid concerns that British parents are seeking abortions based on the gender of babies – which has led to some NHS hospitals refusing to tell parents-to-be that information. Prof Savage said not telling parents the sex of their babies was ‘outrageous’.

 Conservative MP Mark Field said: ‘To have someone like Wendy Savage with her extreme views at the heart of the BMA is a very worrying sign. The majority of people in this country, even those who support abortion, think sex-selective abortion is a step too far.’

Our Opinion

We agree with Professor Wendy Savage that if physical or mental harm to mother or child is likely to occur as a result of refusing sex-selection abortions then a responsible doctor CANNOT ignore this fact, it must be taken into consideration and not just dismissed as Conservative MP Mark Field suggests.   Mr Field like many tories seems to delight in telling people what they should or shouldn't do even in the most personal and private of matters.  

2017 - BMA member Prof. Wendy Savage argues to lift ban on sex-selection abortions 

2014 - MPs block sex-selection abortions (Daily Mail reports)

Friday, 17 March 2017

White Working Class Targetted In SPICE Drug Epidemic

Don't help criminals by taking drugs ! (poster)
The highly addictive synthetic cannabis drug SPICE is being used by the RICH to target large numbers of struggling white working class people who already have severe life crises to deal with.  Their lives have already been hit hard with severe crises such as child abuse, domestic violence, homelessness, severe bullying, family breakdown, rape, unwanted pregnancies, victims of abortion hate crime, unemployment, mental and physical illness, disability, victims of class hate crimes and many more deeply distrubing tragic experiences at the hands of the Christian capitalist society we live in. Don't take drugs, stay healthy and fight against their evil system of shifting ALL blame to the working classes.

DON'T TAKE DRUGS ! (Daily Mail photo)
If their lives weren't bad enough they are now being targetted by the rich to become ADDICTS of the highly addictive synthetic cannabis SPICE.  The behaviour of these poor victims of tory capitalism, already erratic due to their extreme experiences,  becomes a drug-accelerated "spectacle" for the rich city passers-by to use to try and justify more extreme police and coucil powers treating the victims of Christian capitalism as if they were the criminals.


Evening Standard reports

Metro reports

Manchester Evening News reports

Sky News reports

Synthetic Cannabinoids

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Great News ! Cross-Party Ten Minute Rule Bill To Decriminalise Abortion Wins First Vote

(Great PCRP banner)
 MPs challenge Victorian law that criminalises abortion

The Guardian reports: "MPs have won the right to introduce a bill to parliament which would decriminalise abortion for the first time by repealing a law that dates back to Victorian times.  A ten-minute rule bill introduced by Diana Johnson, the Labour MP for Hull North, sought permission of the House to change two sections of a law passed in 1861, before women had the vote. It succeeded by 170 votes to 142, a margin of 32.

(banner pinterest)

Johnson argued that the law was unfair and inappropriate in an age when women can and will access abortion pills by post because they want to be able to terminate their pregnancy in the privacy of their own home. As the law stands, doing so is technically punishable by life imprisonment under sections 58 and 59 of the 1861 Offences Against the Person Act – both for the woman and for anyone, including a doctor, who helps her. This is the harshest criminal penalty of any country in Europe, underpinned by a Victorian criminal law passed before women had the right to vote, let alone sit in this place,” Johnson told MPs. Poland, a traditional Catholic country, does not criminalise women for having an abortion, she said. In the United States, when the current president suggested women should be criminalised, he was forced to backtrack, she added."

The Independent reports: Labour MP Diana Johnson introduced the cross-party bill to the House of Commons, which calls for full decriminalisation. She told MPs: "There is no other medical procedure in this country is governed by legislation this old, this out of step with medical developments and public attitudes. "Doctors are poorly served by a criminal framework which does not apply to other areas of medicine."  The bill is backed by the Royal College of Midwives and the British Pregnancy Advisory service.

The Guardian reports

The Independent reports

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Disgusting Injustice ! Custody Death Cops Walk Free

Thomas Orchard died in custody (BBC)
Thomas Orchard died in police custody,  his "crime" was mental illness.  The three police officers involved in the custody death of Thomas Orchard walked free from court yesterday with their pay, benefits and pensions to look forward to. Thomas was mentally ill and was receiving treatment for his condition after he and his family had the courage to seek help and allow the formal acknowledgement of his condition.

The Guardian reports "For four-and-a-half years now, the Orchard family – Alison, Thomas’s father, Ken, and his siblings, Jo and Jack – have fought to find out the truth of why he died. Now they believe they have an answer. “I’m completely certain that had it been picked up as a mental health crisis and taken to a place where that was understood, he would be alive,” Alison said.  The family were to discover that Orchard, who was being treated for paranoid schizophrenia, had had a mental breakdown and was arrested after approaching a passerby and beginning an argument. Police were called and he was pinned down in the street and restrained by his hands, legs and ankles."

"At Heavitree police station in Exeter an emergency response belt (ERB), a heavy cloth device with handles most often used to secure prisoners around the body so that they can be carried, was held over his face. He was carried in the prone position to a cell, where he was searched while lying on his front, still masked by the ERB. The belt was removed and he was left alone, face down, in the cell. He suffered a cardiac arrest and brain damage. The ERB had been applied to his face for a total of five minutes and two seconds."

Custody Death Cops Walk Free (BBC)

The unaccountable tragic death of their son, Thomas, was the response of British society to the individual and social responsibility shown by the Orchard family in handling the very difficult and demanding circumstance of serious mental illness.  It is an utter disgrace !  The Havering Witness would like to express our deepest sympathies with the Orchard family and offer any help we can in getting justice for Thomas.

The editor of the Havering Witness has himself experienced injustice, mental illness, the gleeful unaccountablility of the police and the misuse of police and secutity powers to cover it all up. We have also been the victims of politicised policing that made use of royal security operations and the political agendas of local MPs in a concerted attempt to smear us as criminals and escape any scrutiny of their own unaccountable actions within the London Borough of Havering.

Thomas Orchard's family speak out in The Guardian

BBC reports

Channel 4 reports

Local Paper Plymouth Herald reports

The Guardian reports

Politicised Unaccountable "Policing" in the London Borough of Havering

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Diana Johnson MP Bravely Tries To End The Criminalisation Of Women And Is Opposed By The Royal Church And Its Political Agents

The Guardian reports:

MPs are to discuss for the first time de-criminalising women who attempt to bring about their own abortion.  In modern-day Britain, most abortions take place before 12 weeks with the aid of pills. Yet if a woman orders those pills online and takes them without the consent of two doctors, she can be jailed. So can a doctor who gives them to her to take at home instead of in the clinic.

Diana Johnson, MP for Hull North, will introduce a ten-minute-rule bill in the House of Commons on Monday calling for the scrapping of section 58 and 59 of the Offences Against the Person Act 1861, which make abortion a criminal offence.

“Women buying the pills on the internet to bring about a miscarriage are committing a criminal act which is punishable by life imprisonment,” she said. “Parliament should consider whether that is appropriate.”
Over 200 law professors and legal experts have signed a letter in the Guardian newspaper supporting Diana Johnson MP's ten minute rule bill.  “Abortion is currently an offence in English law by virtue of an archaic and punitive statute passed at the midpoint of the reign of Queen Victoria,” they write. The penalty of life imprisonment “is the harshest penalty for abortion imposed anywhere in Europe”.

Meanwhile our own Romford MP Andrew Rosindell has used a ten minute rule bill not to try and deal with a difficult issue of injustice but to promote YET ANOTHER party for the Royals.
MPs and legal experts call for end to Victorian abortion laws

We say Romford needs a fairly balanced MP not a royal servant ! 

Facts about Andrew Rosindell MP on 

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Conservative Party SHUTS OUT Families Of Iraq and Afghanistan War Fatalities

Havering's Kirk Redpath's family excluded ? (Daily Mail)
The families of armed forces servicemen and servicewomen KILLED in the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars vented their anger yesterday at being SHUT OUT of the memorial unveiling ceremony to take place today. Many hundreds of families whose relatives paid with thier lives to protect the ongoing wealth and priviledge of the Royal Conservative establishment were simply NOT INVITED.  It was only recently that the family of Havering's own Iraq war hero Kirk Redpath were legally denied the opportunity to seek a DUTY OF CARE negligence judgement against the alleged incompetence of the MOD and its thousands of faceless "experts".

Romford MP Andrew Rosindell DID NOT HELP the Redpath family and we can find no statemert from him on the anger of service families being excluded. We have long stated our opinion that Romford MP Andrew Rosindell is not a genuine MP at all but is simply using politics as a vehicle to pursue an association with royal society in a bid to get honours and wealth.  It is little wonder to us that Andrew Rosindell MP has had life-long links to Jeffrey Archer.
Rosindell with ANOTHER expensive Royal party (bbc)

Only this week Andrew Rosindell found the time to make a rare House of Commons appearance.  Was it to help Kirk Redpath ? NO ! it was to promote YET ANOTHER expensive party for the Queen and the Sapphire Jubilee with a ten miunte rule bill.   

Please HELP US get rid of Rosindell !!    

Plymouth Herald reports anger of killed serviceman's families

Sky News report (see last paragraph of article)

Belfast Telegraph reports

Andrew Rosindell and Jeffrey Archer - Romford Recorder 

Conservative Party Blocks DUTY OF CARE liability to killed service personnel 

Romford deserves a proper MP not a Royal servant ! 

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

We Say Romford Needs An MP Not A Royal Servant !

Daily Mail headlines
Romford's royalist and very well-travelled MP Andrew Rosindell made a rare appearance in parliament yesterday to deliver a ten minute rule bill.   

Can you guess the subject of his parliamentary bill ?

Did Andrew Rosindell MP fight against the NHS cuts that are worrying the voters of Romford ? No, he didn't

Did Andrew Rosindell MP take urgent action over the social care crisis blocking up our hospitals with waiting patients ? No, he didn't

Perhaps Mr Rosindell took exception to extra money for grammar schools while many schools in lower income areas are in a terrible state ? No, he didn't

Ah ! Maybe Mr Rosindell wanted to make a full statement to the press about his alleged involvement and knowledge of the Havering orchestrated criminality scandal ? No, he didn't.

Lavish banquets of little or no benefit to British people
WELL What did he do then ?! Andrew Rosindell MP's ten minute rule bill in parliament yesterday was to launch YET ANOTHER PARTY FOR THE QUEEN AT OUR EXPENSE !  Billions of our taxes have already been spent on royal parties as well as all the other expenses of palaces, estates, holidays, investments, education, military training, expensive clothes and many many more costs WE PAY FOR

WE SAY the sooner this country becomes a republic the better for everyone ! Get rid of the monarchy and get rid of this narrow-minded MP Andrew Rosindell - we want a balanced MP that deals with ALL the issues of the Romford electorate not one obsessed with royalty and his own social status. 

We have little doubt that Andrew Rosindell MP will use the Sapphire Jubilee as a reason for yet more visits abroad to his many overseas commonwealth "interests" rather than devoting a more appropriate amount of his time to his constituents and their many concerns.

Daily Mail reports on Andrew Rosindell MP's ten minute rule bill

Two-Tier Royal Brexit, Andrew Rosindell and the rest of us

Why won't Andrew Rosindell MP Help Iraq Hero Kirk Redpath?

Does Andrew Rosindell MP even care about the NHS ?

Does Andrew Rosindell MP care about child abuse ?Does Andrew Rosindell MP care about "lower class" educaton ? 

Islamic Killer from Andrew Rosindell MP's old school seeks compensation ! 

The political contradictions of Andrew Rosindelll MP   

Wednesday, 1 March 2017


No we haven't forgotten (daily mail photo)
The word BREXIT has been promoted by the Royalist Conservative Party-supporting press in their bid to transfer their own self-preservation agenda to ordinary people by using immigration issues. However the REALITY of ROYAL TWO-TIER BREXIT will be very different to the everyday meaning we have all become used to.

The British royal family, the peerage, gentry, and the wider pro-monarchist network are all condemning the European Union and the EURO currency with the purpose of dividing the British people from thier European counterparts. However THEY, in their palaces, stately homes and public schools will continue to have their Royal European links and develop new business relationships with European partners far far removed from the lives of ordinary Britons. 

The Telegraph reports that the London Stock Exchange is trying to merge with the German  Deutsche Borse: "Senior bankers have criticised the European Commission for torpedoing the London Stock Exchange's planned merger with the Deutsche Borse, accusing it of being intransigent. They singled out the body's unwillingness to accept a remedial plan put forward by the LSE after regulators unexpectedly demanded it sell a stake in MTS, an Italian bond trading venue, as a condition of its mooted €24bn (£21bn) merger with its German rival."

Telegraph reports

Royal Brexit and French Jews

Huge Wealth of NON-EU Immigration Ignored By Tory Press