Friday, 3 February 2017

To Romford's Own Mary Whitehouses - Why Did It Take Channel 4 To Report Abuse ?

Last night Channel 4 News proved that real journalism is alive and well with a historic report on Church child abuse. Why did it take Channel 4 to make this report ?

Channel 4 ? Why didn't Church and WI women lead the way?
The British public receive constant lectures on morality and decency from the "leader" products of British Public Schools and their Church BUT this Channel 4 reports reveals the TRUE NATURE of our "true born" leaders - the DECADES of COVER-UP of the abuse of dozens of naked young men, even murder and the cause of suicide is suspected. 

Much-respected Channel 4 reporter Cathy Newman presented her investigative piece on the life-long hidden mental and physical pain suffered by hundreds of young boys who experienced abuse in the name of God and Jesus by abuser John Smythe. John Smythe was also a barrister who was the personal choice of Mary Whitehouse.

Mary Whitehouse (New Statesman photo)
Channel 4 reports that  "Police have today launched an investigation into claims that teenage boys from Britain’s leading public schools were violently beaten, in what’s been described as a “sadomasochistic cult” run by a lawyer with links to the Archbishop of Canterbury."

"Operation Cubic, run by Hampshire Police, will examine allegations uncovered by Channel 4 News that John Smyth QC stripped and brutally lashed 22 young men he had groomed at the Christian youth camps he ran. Archbishop Justin Welby, who worked at the camps managed by The Iwerne Trust, and was once a colleague of Mr Smyth, issued an “unreserved and unequivocal” apology on behalf of the Church of England, admitting it had “failed terribly”.
Why did it take Channel 4 ? Where are all the moral leaders ?
The Guardian Reports on John Smythe and Mary Whitehouse (see link below):  "At the height
of his legal career, John Smyth QC was the go-to barrister for morality campaigner Mary Whitehouse. When Whitehouse took a private prosecution against Gay News and its editor in the 1970s, it was Smyth – whom she described as an evangelical Christian – who won the case for her. Whitehouse objected to a poem in the newspaper about a centurion’s love for Christ, and the newspaper and its editor were found guilty of blasphemous libel. Smyth told the court: “It may be said that this is a love poem – it is not, it is a poem about buggery.” He also initially acted for Whitehouse in her failed prosecution against the National Theatre production of Howard Brenton’s play The Romans in Britain, which simulated a male rape on stage. Outside his legal career, Smyth, who became a part-time judge, chaired the Iwerne Trust, a charity that oversaw Christian summer camps attended by pupils from public schools including Winchester College. There he was accused of sadomasochistic physical abuse, including beatings that drew blood as punishment for masturbation. When Smyth’s alleged offending came to light in 1982, no one told the police.

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