Wednesday, 1 February 2017

ROMFORD'S ROYALIST CONSERVATIVE PARTY Facing Allegations Of Aggressively Attacking "Lower Class" Education in Havering

Only Toffs Have Access To Justice (Wikipedia photo)
Would President Trump allow poor white neighbourhoods in "rust belt" America to be criminalised and ignored ?  We believe he WOULD NOT and that is the KEY DIFFERENCE between President Trump and the British Royal Conservative Party. 

We hear a lot about Conservative Party "values" in their media telling us how "decent" Conservatives think they are !  Instead of the meritocracy and positivity they claim to represent,  we say the Conservative Party has subjected "lower class" white families in the London Borough of Havering to a VERY VERY DIFFERENT REALITY of aggressive denial of their legal freedoms.  Allegations by victims and witnesses collected over many years include:

  • Malicious snobbery
  • Sadistic denial of opportunity
  • "Post code" criminalisation of entire communites
  • Abuse of police and security powers for private political agendas
  • Social labelling of young people as "failures" for life according to their address or parent's occupation.  

The Havering Witness says "Lower Class" Lives Matter !

President Trump's action for "Forgotten America"
We offer witness allegations in the links below of two "lower class" places of education in Havering that are claimed to have been subject to a "criminal persecution" carried out by the Conservative Party and their political friends in the Havering Police Service and in other organisations - people paid out of our taxes to uphold the law NOT to behave like criminals themselves !

The accounts below are based on eye-witness testimony and the editor of the Havering Witness is prepared to give that testimony in court or inquiry at any time requested - so far we have received no requests to do so but we have received plenty of theats to shut us up.

Please read our two articles below and find out the TRUE NATURE of the people YOU PAY to serve our community in Havering.

1) Chase Cross Comprehensive School (now renamed Bower Park) 

2) Havering College of Further Education

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