Thursday, 23 February 2017

NHS CRISIS But Havering gets National M.E. Centre ?? !!

Save OUR NHS (independent)
 Our NHS is being murdered by the privatisation-obsessed Conservative Party represented here in Romford by the royalist Conservative MP Andrew Rosindell.  Mr Rosindell doesn't even list the NHS as one of his "interests" on his parliament listing despite widespread deep public concern about the state of the NHS and the anger of NHS professionals towards Conservative Party policies.  I wonder if Andrew Rosindell MP has private health-insurance ? Does he even care about YOUR NHS ?

Doctors should be treated fairly (independent)
  Our hospitals in crisis with PATIENTS DYING IN CORRIDORS but here in Havering there is enough money for the National M.E. Centre established by Professor Leslie Findley who has spent a good deal of his time in private BUPA hospitals.  Our tax money spent on 30 years of research and "treatment" with still no scientific explanation or unique effective treatment for M.E.other than pain relief, counselling and exercise - we could have worked that "treatment" out for a fiver let alone ££millions of  our tax payments over the past 30 years !   

Why did they choose TORY HAVERING for the National M.E.  Centre ? Andrew Rosindell MP it seems has no answers and doesn't appear to care anyway ! 

Is the ME Centre really needed ?

 Havering's M.E. flagship - is it fake science ?

Does Andrew Rosindell MP even care about your NHS ? 

ROMFORD hospital was so bad it was put in SPECIAL MEASURES 

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