Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Iraq Hero Soldier Kirk Redpath - Victim Of Yet Another "Duty Of Care" Block By The Conservative Party

Andrew Rosindell MP and Hero Kirk Redpath went to same school
The Press Association (on Mail Online) reports:  The father of a soldier killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq has criticised Government proposals to reduce legal protections for British troops. New plans would prevent service personnel from suing the Ministry of Defence for negligence, leaving decisions about compensation to an MoD-appointed assessor. Colin Redpath, who fought for five years to sue the MoD over the death of his son, Lance Corporal Kirk Redpath, said the proposals were unfair on servicemen and women. L/Cpl Redpath, 22, of Romford, Essex, died when a bomb exploded next to his poorly-armoured Snatch Land Rover in Iraq in August 2007.

BBC Reports: The MoD's proposals cover battle and the preparations for it, and include:
  • Abolishing the legal duty of care it owes to service personnel and stopping legal claims for negligence against the MoD in the courts
  • A "no fault" compensation scheme for injured service personnel and families of those killed
  • Assessors to be appointed by the MoD to value injuries and loss based on expert reports they commission
  • A presumption that there will be no paid legal representation for service personnel when losses and compensation are assessed
 Reaction from Lawyers (BBC):

Michael Fallon MP - Yet Another Duty of Care Blocked by Tories
Lawyers say that without the duty of care owed to service personnel there is a real danger that the lessons of Chilcot will not be learned. Some solicitors who have represented service personnel in actions against the MoD make the point that the duty of care owed to soldiers puts their safety at the centre of the defence agenda.

The Law Society of England and Wales says that without it, MoD officials making decisions on equipment and procurement know that cases will not be heard by an independent judge.

It argues that facts will not be independently investigated, responsibility will not be established and a state institution, if liable, would not be held to account.

The society's president, Robert Bourns, also fears the compensation system being taken in-house.
He said: "You've suffered injury, you think that the employer, the MoD, is at fault and yet you are expected to rely on the MoD to assess the compensation that it should pay you for the damage that it has caused you.

"That's not right."

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ROSINDELL, REDPATH and ADEBOLAJO - ALL went to Marshalls Park School in Romford

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