Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Conservative Party "Slave Driving" Teachers Out Of Profession

British Teachers Are Heavily Overworked (TES photo)
British Teachers Working Many Extra Hours For Free !

Meanwhile The British Monarchy, supported by Romford MP Andrew Rosindell, costs us £334 Million a year ! 

The excessive £334 Million figure DOES NOT include all the money taken by ALL the Royal Family, the Peerage and the House of Lords

The average working week in the UK, according to research conducted by the University of Nottingham is 36.25 PAID hours. The BBC reports that school teachers in the UK routinely work OVER 60 HOURS a week WITHOUT OVERTIME BEING PAID. 

Romford MP supports ££ MILLIONS spent on Royals (Recorder)
The Independent reports:  "Teachers in England work longer hours than almost anywhere else in the world, according to new analysis. The study found secondary school teachers work an average of 48.2 hours per week, with one in five working 60 hours or more – 12 hours above legal limits set by the European Union. It means teachers in England work an average 19 per cent longer than those in other countries. They do an extra 2.7 hours per week compared to teachers in the USA, 11 hours more than colleagues in Korea and a full 19.8 hours per week more work than educators in Italy. "

Many Schools Are In A Terrible Condition (TES photo)
 The Independent Report

Monarchy Costs The Taxpayer MORE than £334 MILLION a year  !

BBC Report  on Teaching Crisis

Average Working Week = 36.25 PAID Hours

Teachers Working 60 + Hours A Week WITHOUT PAID OVERTIME

National Teaching Crisis Looming

Teachers and lecturers in the London Borough of Havering face additional problems of institutional negligence as the local Conservative Party controlled-council and their friends in the Metropolitan Police just dismiss their DUTY OF CARE responsibilities to staff and students despite being directly responsible.

Political Attack On School Raises DUTY OF CARE issues

Havering Conservatives "Put Lives At Risk" In College Scandal

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