Thursday, 23 February 2017

NHS CRISIS But Havering gets National M.E. Centre ?? !!

Save OUR NHS (independent)
 Our NHS is being murdered by the privatisation-obsessed Conservative Party represented here in Romford by the royalist Conservative MP Andrew Rosindell.  Mr Rosindell doesn't even list the NHS as one of his "interests" on his parliament listing despite widespread deep public concern about the state of the NHS and the anger of NHS professionals towards Conservative Party policies.  I wonder if Andrew Rosindell MP has private health-insurance ? Does he even care about YOUR NHS ?

Doctors should be treated fairly (independent)
  Our hospitals in crisis with PATIENTS DYING IN CORRIDORS but here in Havering there is enough money for the National M.E. Centre established by Professor Leslie Findley who has spent a good deal of his time in private BUPA hospitals.  Our tax money spent on 30 years of research and "treatment" with still no scientific explanation or unique effective treatment for M.E.other than pain relief, counselling and exercise - we could have worked that "treatment" out for a fiver let alone ££millions of  our tax payments over the past 30 years !   

Why did they choose TORY HAVERING for the National M.E.  Centre ? Andrew Rosindell MP it seems has no answers and doesn't appear to care anyway ! 

Is the ME Centre really needed ?

 Havering's M.E. flagship - is it fake science ?

Does Andrew Rosindell MP even care about your NHS ? 

ROMFORD hospital was so bad it was put in SPECIAL MEASURES 

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Is M.E. fake science ? Havering was home to the National M.E. Centre - Why ?!

M.E. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) sometimes, in the UK,  called Royal Free Disease (Blacks Medical Dictionary) has been under research in the UK for around 30 years. Less formally in popular culture the disease has been colloquially called "social change flu" from its early associations with the "yuppie flu" of the 1980s. The National M.E. Centre was established at the old Harold Wood Hospital in the London Borough of Havering in the 1990s by Professor Leslie Findley and Dr Betty Dowsett. Along with the National M.E. Centre itself,  PhD's researching M.E. / CFS have also been funded at the taxpayers expense.

The online NHS advice site, NHS Choices, describes the disease:
"Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) causes persistent fatigue (exhaustion) that affects everyday life and doesn't go away with sleep or rest.  

It's not known exactly what causes CFS. Various theories have been suggested, including:
  • a viral or bacterial infection
  • problems with the immune system
  • an imbalance of hormones
  • psychiatric problems, such as stress and emotional trauma

NICE says a diagnosis of CFS should be considered if you meet specific criteria regarding your fatigue – for example, it can't be explained by other conditions – and if you also have other symptoms, such as sleeping problems or problems thinking and concentrating. The diagnosis can then be confirmed if these symptoms are experienced for several months.

Treatment for CFS may be able to reduce the symptoms. Everyone with CFS responds to treatment differently, so your treatment plan will be tailored to you.
Some of the main treatments include:
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • a structured exercise programme called graded exercise therapy
  • medication to control pain, nausea and sleeping problems"

SO after 30 / 40 years or research at our expense they don't know what it is, they use it as a diagnosis when nothing else fits and the treatment plan is a combination of counselling, exercise and over-the-counter pills. 

Aren't there other spending priorities in an NHS IN CRISIS ?  No wonder they sited the National M.E. Centre in Havering - a place with an apparent aversion to the legal principle of Duty of Care like nowhere else in the UK ? !

 The People of Havering are entitled to the same rights (balanced with responsibilities) of British Citizenship as anywhere else in the UK - We are not just "Lower Class White Trash" that can be safely ignored !! 

 Treatment For M.E. on NHS Web-Site.

Havering's Iraq War Hero Kirk Redpath's Father Denied Duty of Care Claim

Havering College Duty of Care Scandal

Havering School Duty of Care Scandal  

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Iraq Hero Soldier Kirk Redpath - Victim Of Yet Another "Duty Of Care" Block By The Conservative Party

Andrew Rosindell MP and Hero Kirk Redpath went to same school
The Press Association (on Mail Online) reports:  The father of a soldier killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq has criticised Government proposals to reduce legal protections for British troops. New plans would prevent service personnel from suing the Ministry of Defence for negligence, leaving decisions about compensation to an MoD-appointed assessor. Colin Redpath, who fought for five years to sue the MoD over the death of his son, Lance Corporal Kirk Redpath, said the proposals were unfair on servicemen and women. L/Cpl Redpath, 22, of Romford, Essex, died when a bomb exploded next to his poorly-armoured Snatch Land Rover in Iraq in August 2007.

BBC Reports: The MoD's proposals cover battle and the preparations for it, and include:
  • Abolishing the legal duty of care it owes to service personnel and stopping legal claims for negligence against the MoD in the courts
  • A "no fault" compensation scheme for injured service personnel and families of those killed
  • Assessors to be appointed by the MoD to value injuries and loss based on expert reports they commission
  • A presumption that there will be no paid legal representation for service personnel when losses and compensation are assessed
 Reaction from Lawyers (BBC):

Michael Fallon MP - Yet Another Duty of Care Blocked by Tories
Lawyers say that without the duty of care owed to service personnel there is a real danger that the lessons of Chilcot will not be learned. Some solicitors who have represented service personnel in actions against the MoD make the point that the duty of care owed to soldiers puts their safety at the centre of the defence agenda.

The Law Society of England and Wales says that without it, MoD officials making decisions on equipment and procurement know that cases will not be heard by an independent judge.

It argues that facts will not be independently investigated, responsibility will not be established and a state institution, if liable, would not be held to account.

The society's president, Robert Bourns, also fears the compensation system being taken in-house.
He said: "You've suffered injury, you think that the employer, the MoD, is at fault and yet you are expected to rely on the MoD to assess the compensation that it should pay you for the damage that it has caused you.

"That's not right."

BBC Report

Daily Mail Report

Tory Duty of Car Block In Havering College Scandal

Tory Duty of Care Block In Havering School Scandal

ROSINDELL, REDPATH and ADEBOLAJO - ALL went to Marshalls Park School in Romford

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Conservative Party Praised "Poorly Built" Orchard Village Problem Estate

Damp and many other problems (BBC)
The Conservative Party praised the Orchard Village "problem" development and Conservative minister Nick Boles cited it as a "top five" development of their housing policy. Since its construction Orchard Village has been beset with problems with a flood of complaints being sent to local councillors and MPs. Amazingly Clarion Housing Group (formerly Circle Housing) have been given permission to build ANOTHER Estate ! 

The Guardian reports "Tory communities and local government minister Nick Boles had visited Orchard Village, which is in the borough of Havering, and put it in the top five new housing developments in the UK, praising it as “uplifting, fine, bold and human”.

Tory Havering Council leader Roger Ramsey
"The Orchard Village saga is focused on an organisation that was until recently known as Circle Housing Group, which received about £250m of public money between 2010 and 2016, according to MPs. Circle is now part of the Clarion Housing Group, the largest housing association in the UK, which owns £20bn of assets and houses about 500,000 people.  Clarion aims to build another 50,000 flats and houses over the next 10 years, with the aid of a £1.1bn fund to buy land, and is in talks to put up another 500 homes in Havering alone."

 Havering's Conservative Council leader Roger Ramsey is remarkably quiet on the Orchard Village issue given the scale of anger at the poor quality of building in the London Borough he is supposed to control.  The "substandard" Orchard Village estate was built with £31 million of public money. 

BBC London reports on Orchard Village Estate, Rainham

Rainham MP Jon Cruddas Raises Issue In Parliament

The Guardian reports on Orchard Village 

Leaking Sewage and Rotten Floorboards

Same Company Given Permission To Build Another Estate in Rainham !


Havering Council Pension Fund "Loses" £10 Million

Havering Council and Icelandic Bank 

Havering College Scandal By Eye-Witness

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Does Romford's Andrew Rosindell MP Care About YOUR NHS ?

 The BBC report "NHS Health Check: Voices From The NHS Front Line"  tells us the reality of the intolerable daily pressures in the NHS.  Romford's MP Andrew Rosindell doesn't seem interested in the NHS citing Foreign Affairs as his main political interest on the parliament web-site.

While Andrew Rosindell MP is jet-setting around the world following his interests the BBC reports: 

  • The hospital boss: 'It's the worst I've ever known it'

  • The hospital doctor: 'Staff are close to breaking point'

  • The nurse: 'Calling it a humanitarian crisis is not hyperbole, it is the reality'

  • Head of clinical services: 'We've had some very difficult days'

  • The director of adult social care: "We are at a tipping point"

  • The GP: "There is a real crisis in GP staffing"

Rosindell's Foreign interests are more important than the NHS ?


The web-site (on 10.1.17) lists Andrew Rosindell's political interests as: 

Foreign and international relations, European affairs, law and order, defence, local and regional government, animal welfare 

and also lists Andrew Rosindell's "Countries Of Interest" as:

Australia, Canada, Crown Dependencies, Eastern Europe, Gibraltar, Gulf States, New Zealand, Nordic countries, UK Overseas Territories, USA, Switzerland, Liechtenstein



Andrew Rosindell's Political Interests do not include the NHS

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

ROMFORD'S ROYALIST CONSERVATIVE PARTY Facing Allegations Of Aggressively Attacking "Lower Class" Education in Havering

Only Toffs Have Access To Justice (Wikipedia photo)
Would President Trump allow poor white neighbourhoods in "rust belt" America to be criminalised and ignored ?  We believe he WOULD NOT and that is the KEY DIFFERENCE between President Trump and the British Royal Conservative Party. 

We hear a lot about Conservative Party "values" in their media telling us how "decent" Conservatives think they are !  Instead of the meritocracy and positivity they claim to represent,  we say the Conservative Party has subjected "lower class" white families in the London Borough of Havering to a VERY VERY DIFFERENT REALITY of aggressive denial of their legal freedoms.  Allegations by victims and witnesses collected over many years include:

  • Malicious snobbery
  • Sadistic denial of opportunity
  • "Post code" criminalisation of entire communites
  • Abuse of police and security powers for private political agendas
  • Social labelling of young people as "failures" for life according to their address or parent's occupation.  

The Havering Witness says "Lower Class" Lives Matter !

President Trump's action for "Forgotten America"
We offer witness allegations in the links below of two "lower class" places of education in Havering that are claimed to have been subject to a "criminal persecution" carried out by the Conservative Party and their political friends in the Havering Police Service and in other organisations - people paid out of our taxes to uphold the law NOT to behave like criminals themselves !

The accounts below are based on eye-witness testimony and the editor of the Havering Witness is prepared to give that testimony in court or inquiry at any time requested - so far we have received no requests to do so but we have received plenty of theats to shut us up.

Please read our two articles below and find out the TRUE NATURE of the people YOU PAY to serve our community in Havering.

1) Chase Cross Comprehensive School (now renamed Bower Park) 

2) Havering College of Further Education