Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Tory BREXIT Reality - "NO DEAL" is a good deal !

Margaret Thatcher didn't want BREXIT (BBC photo)

Why didn't Margaret Thatcher push hard for BREXIT in the 1980s and SAVE the UK trillions and trillions of OUR MONEY ! 

Why does our pro-BREXIT Romford MP think so much of Margaret Thatcher ?

Trillions wasted
Conservative Party Prime Minister Theresa May is an enthusiastic supporter of Margaret Thatcher and her decision-making. Like our Romford MP Andrew Rosindell, Theresa May regards Thatcherism as a milestone in British history - SO WHY didn't Margaret Thatcher push for BREXIT THIRTY YEARS AGO saving ordinary people TRILLIONS OF POUNDS which could have spent elsewhere.  

Yesterday Theresa May, desperately trying to end thirty years of Conservative Party in-fighting on Europe,  made a speech that acknowledged the reality of TORY BREXIT and the real economic difficulties it will bring for the ordinary man and woman.  May acknowedged the difficulties ahead - she hinted that "NO DEAL" with Europe would be a good deal ! All the election / referendum talk of single markets and free trade disappeared in a few seconds ! 
Our MP Andrew Rosindell never seems to call the judgement of Margaret Thatcher into question and has heaped endless praise on her along with many other Conservative Party supporters, However the judgement of Margaret Thatcher is worth looking at more closely:   

Speaking on BBC On The Record on 07.10.01, Andrew Rosindell MP said:  
Margaret Thatcher won three election victories with very large majorities, 
it's only when we appeared to lose our direction, it's only when we seemed 
to become very unsure of ourselves, and rather wishy-washy that we began 
to lose again. I think that we should stand by what we believe in, be 
true to ourselves. 

Thatcher got Sex Offender Jimmy Saville a Knighthood ! (Times)
The Daily Mail reports that Margaret Thatcher tried FIVE TIMES to get a knighthood for serial sexual offender Jimmy Saville.  

There were also allegations of a hushed-up Cash for Honours scandal during Thatcher's premiership but you will find little published on it. In 1985 Margaret Thatcher made Jeffrey Archer the Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party.  

Archer was later imprisoned for perjury, from BBC report (see link below):  Before sentencing him the judge Mr Justice Potts told Lord Archer: "These charges represent as serious an offence of perjury as I have had experience of and have been able to find in the books." The jury found him guilty of lying and cheating in his 1987 libel case against the Daily Star. The verdicts were unanimous on each count.
Thatcher appointed Archer as Deputy Chairman

BBC On the Record - transcript - Rosindell praising Thatcher

Daily Mail - Thatcher and Jimmy Saville

BBC Report on Jimmy Saville

Archer Jailed For Perjury

Rosindell "inspired" by Archer

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