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The BREXIT hatred of Eastern Europeans And The Quiet Welcoming of French Jews

Rosindell on Going Underground, Russia Today (RT)
Here in Romford we have an MP, Andrew Rosindell, who is noted for his pro-monarchy views and his anti-EU campaigning in the build-up to BREXIT.  Mr Rosindell played his BREXIT part with  Bill Cash MP and the European Foundation (EF) where Rosindell was listed as International Director of the EF.  We can't find any press statement from Andrew Rosindell MP or his supporters, here in Romford, appealing for the high-levels of hatred directed at Eastern Europeans during the BREXIT campaign and afterwards to calm down. The Metropolitan Police expressed concern at the sharp rise of hate crimes before and after the BREXIT referendum.

Hate Crime statistics (politico)
The Guardian reports "Data from 31 police forces showed that in the two weeks up to and including the day of the referendum on 23 June, forces recorded 1,546 racially or religiously aggravated offences.In the fortnight immediately after the poll, the number climbed to 2,241. There was an increase in racially and religiously aggravated offences recorded in June, followed by an even sharper rise in July 2016." 

In contrast to the public hatred directed at innocent Eastern Europeans during the BREXIT campaign,  French Jews were quietly welcomed to the UK by the royalist Conservative Party that Andrew Rosindell MP represents here in Romford - which UK political party will these French Jews vote for do you think  ?  Of further concern is the fact that no mention was made of the tens of millions of asian, black and irish immigrants allowed into the UK by Andrew Rosindell's Conservative Party over the past sixty years ! The emphasis was unfairly directed at Eastern Europeans - The Havering Witness would like to reassure them that not all British people hate them.

Mannaseh Ben Israel - derided by royalists for his association with Cromwell
The recent admision of French Jews into England seems to be very politically different to the Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese Jews who came to England in the days of Oliver Cromwell.  The BBC Religion site says the following about Cromwell  "At that time, the Spanish and Portuguese Jewish community had been expelled from Spain. Many exiled Jews headed to Amsterdam, helping to turn it into one of the world's busiest ports. Cromwell saw that the return of the Jews would bring great financial benefits to England.  In 1656 Cromwell made a verbal promise, backed by the Council of State, to allow Jews to return to Britain and practise their faith freely. As a result, Jews from Holland, Spain and Portugal came to Britain. They became more and more integrated into British society."

French Rabbi appointed (Evening Standard)

TODAY much less fuss is being made about the admission of French Jews into England during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II - the longest-serving monarch in British history.

In 2014, during the build-up to the EU referendum, the Daily Mail reported ".. London, too, in recent years has seen an influx of Jewish families from France. At the St John’s Wood synagogue in North London they have had to set up a separate French minyan, or congregational group".

In 2016 The Evening Standard reports: "A synagogue in London is to start holding services in French because of the number of Jews moving here after a rise in anti-Semitism and terrorist atrocities in France. The Liberal Jewish Synagogue in St John’s Wood has appointed a French rabbi for the Gallic part of its congregation, which has grown rapidly since Islamist gunmen attacked Charlie Hebdo magazine and a kosher supermarket in Paris in January last year."

Eastern Euopean murdered during rise in hate crimes
While French Jews were being welcomed into the UK by the Conservatve Party, innocent Eastern Europeans were the target of BREXIT HATE - The Guardian reports "A survey by the Guardian found that European embassies in Britain have logged dozens of incidents of suspected hate crime and abuse against their citizens since the referendum. The vast majority of incidents involved citizens from eastern European countries, with more attacks against Poles than against all the other nationalities put together. They include the killing of Arkadiusz Jóźwik in Harlow, in an apparently unprovoked attack that is being treated by police as a possible hate crime. Five 15-year-old boys and one 16-year-old boy, all from Harlow, were arrested on suspicion of murdering Jóźwik and bailed until 7 October pending further inquiries. A second Polish man survived the attack.

Guardian Report on Home Office Hate Crime Statistics

Daily Mail 2014 report

Evening Standard 2016 report

Guardian Report on attacks on Eastern Europeans

Metropolitan Police report Eastern Europeans targetted in BREXIT attacks

"Act of Terrorism" Murder of Jo Cox MP

 BBC History of Re-admission of Jews into England

Former Romford MP Sir Michael Neubert

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