Wednesday, 11 January 2017

"Humanitarian Crisis" In The NHS - Does Andrew Rosindell MP Care ?

Daily Mail photo
 The much-respected British Red Cross has described the NHS as being in a "humanitarian crisis" and has been backed in its claims by NHS professionals throughout the UK.

The Daily Mail reports on the claims of the British Red Cross : The charity's chief executive, Mike Adamson, said extra cash was needed for health and social care to make the system sustainable. 'The British Red Cross is on the front line, responding to the humanitarian crisis in our hospital and ambulance services across the country. Red Cross chief executive, Mike Adamson. 'We have been called in to support the NHS and help get people home from hospital and free up much needed beds.'

Despite repeating press reports, over several years, of patients dying in hospital corridors and the subsequent widespread public outcry, Andrew Rosindell MP doesn't appear to list the NHS as one of his interests !

The NHS isn't one of Andrew Rosindell's interests ?
The web-site (on 10.1.17) lists Andrew Rosindell's political interests as:
Foreign and international relations, European affairs, law and order, defence, local and regional government, animal welfare 

and also lists Andrew Rosindell's "Countries Of Interest" as:

Australia, Canada, Crown Dependencies, Eastern Europe, Gibraltar, Gulf States, New Zealand, Nordic countries, UK Overseas Territories, USA, Switzerland, Liechtenstein

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