Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Andrew Rosindell MP - A Man Of Unsustainable Political Contradictions ?

Rosindell - serious contradictions ? (Romford Recorder photo)
The Havering Witness, like many voters in Romford, is increasingly concerned with the many unsustainable political contradictions that we perceive our MP,  Andrew Rosindell, is forcing upon us as our representative in Parliament.

Andrew Rosindell MP claims to be a great supporter of both the Queen and the policies of Margaret Thatcher - but as many political observers have pointed out there were and are serious conflicts between royalty and Thatcherism.

We only need to name a few of these conflicts to identify deeply unresolvable issues between Buckingham Palace and the Thatcherite Conservative Party - Rosindell expresses enthusiastic simultaneous support for both - we say this is politically unsustainable.

Here are just a few:
  • The deep anger in Scotland that the policies of Margaret Thatcher created and the later application of that anger in the breathtaking success of the SNP. We say that this deep anger will still form a strong foundation of future Scottish independence.
  • The Canada Act (1982) - weakening constitutional ties between the "UK" and Canada.
  • Th.e Australia Act (1986)  - again weakening constitutional ties.    
These three facts alone, we say,  present an irresolvable chasm between royalty and Thatcherism - Rosindell's politics seem to suggest that he is able to bridge this huge gap and further that there is no contradiction between the Queen and Margaret Thatcher - is that really true ?  Is that the muddled view we woud want our MP to promote on our behalf  ?

Christians need clarification of community leader's views
BUT thats not all ! Mr Rosindell also appears regularly in our local press supporting the work of christian youth groups and schools BUT his personal life is shrouded in mystery - in this age of perpetual worry about risks to the welfare of children is allowing this privacy in our leaders the responsible thing to do ?  We think it sets a poor example for the personal life of an MP to appear be at odds with the traditional christian organisations he claims to support. We say Andrew Rosindell MP should PUBLICY CLARIFY his personal life choices to the people of Romford so we all know what he really represents.

We think that parents and youth leaders are entitled to know the personal choices of Andrew Rosindell MP BEFORE they accept him as a representative of the traditional christian heterosexual parenting that many christians  in these groups support.

When will Andrew Rosindell MP address ALL of these apparent contradictions ? 

The Failure Vocabulary of Thatcherism

Political Contradictions of Andrew Rosindell MP ?

Canada Act 1982

Australia Act 1986

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