Friday, 20 January 2017

A Big Thank You To President Donald Trump For Ending The Obama Presidency !

Thank you President Trump !
The Havering Witness would like to say a big THANK YOU to President Donald Trump for bringing the presidency of Barack Obama to an end. We thank God that Obama and his family have gone at last  - a geat day  ! People in Britain tired of Obama can, at last, say goodbye to the MOBO PLUS culture of Obama and his wife we have endured over the last eight tedious years. (MOBO is the British black awards organisation Music of Black Origin, Obama is to us simply MOBO Plus).

 What a great day !

Goodbye and don't come back ! (BBC Photo)

We cannot claim to support ALL of President Trump's policies but our gratitude for getting rid of Obama may last the full term of the new presidency ! Thank you again !  People sometimes ask The Havering Witness Justice Campaign what our politics are, well we are Centrist and White - we want to see the traditional white British working class put at the top of the political priority list, we are sick to death of the middle-class political correctness and equality agenda of professional Westminster politics.  Above all we want justice for genuinely deserving white working class people. 

Wikipedia photo
Today feels like we have witnessed an innocent white working class British man being reunited with his family after many years of unjust imprisonment ! A great feeling !

On this great day we would also like to wish Paul Macartney well in his new legal bid to get back legal ownership of the songs he wrote with John Lennon. The legal rights of his Beatles songs were bought by Michael Jackson and later by Sony.  We are not trying to suggest anything about Paul Macartney's politics but we think he should get his songs back and we can play them again and again over MOBO.  

MOBO awards on wikipedia

Paul Macartney wants his songs back !

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