Saturday, 30 December 2017

Keep The Tory Snoopers Out In 2018 (and beyond)

A Suggestion For A New Year Resolution To Keep Tory Snoopers Out !

Knowing and memorising the historically significant parts of your own family history will help greatly in the general effort to keep Tory Snoopers out.  You can approach family history in a number of ways. For the purposes of keeping Tory Snoopers at bay we would recommend that you give priority to any connections your family has with historically and sociologically significant events and periods. 

As an example we have listed some of the issues that became significant in our own family history, these are the type of questions that arose in protecting our own family history from the Tory Snoopers - we hope it gives someone starting out an idea of the style of research we found most useful and the results kept for our own private records.

Is there any connection to the City of London or other major cities ? Is the family mainly Protestant or Catholic ? Yorkist or Lancastrian ? Arrived in Britain before or after the Norman Conquest ? Which European countries did your family emigrate to Britain from ? Do you have any family connections to any significant organisations ? Do you have any family connection to historically significant events such as famous battles ? What was your family's connection to the English Civil War ?  Is there a history of Trade Union membership ? We have a connection to Thetford, Norfolk which is the birth place of the great republican thinker Tom Paine !

Journalist and Writer John Bauldie - killed in helicopter crash
As you may already be aware from our mission statement, the Havering Witness was founded to lobby for justice for the innocent victims of orchestrated criminality in the London Borough of Havering. Two victims of concern to us are Penny Garner, a biology lecturer at Havering College, and her partner John Bauldie, a freelance journalist who wrote extensively on Bob Dylan.  There are long-standing allegations that John and Penny were the subject of "unofficial" research by politicised police officers and their Conservative Party friends as part of the general plan to try and close the college for property development. 

Romford's football ground "Brooklands" was also at the centre of many serious corruption allegations, the ground was closed and is now a housing estate.  Recently the family of a former manager of Romford FC, Dave Bickles, were presented with a copy of his first managerial contract awarded 41 years ago !

So, if you are stuck for a New Year Resolution, then please consider researching your family history and keep a step ahead of the tory snoopers in 2018 and beyond. Happy New Year !  

Family of former Romford FC Manager Dave Bickles presented with copy of his first managerial contract

Havering Witness founded to lobby for justice in orchestrated criminality allegations in attempt to close college site for property development

Labour Party members and Trade Unionists should know their family history to help keep the Tory Snoopers out

Tom Paine

Friday, 22 December 2017

Royal Nazis and The Great Exhibition of 1851

The logical inconsistencies of the Romford BREXIT legions continue to amaze us.  Many BREXIT supporters in Romford, including those with demonstrable jewish family connections,  will cite two world wars, the blitz, the Queen and the wider royal establishment as being of one political identity. This loose collage of flag-waving is central to the political isolationism of BREXIT they are pursuing with their often weak irrational and emotional views.

How quickly the BREXITEERS forget seventy years of public anger at the Royal establishment and their links to Nazi Germany.  Over the years we have personally heard many Conservative Party supporters express pride at the association of British high society with Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler. In the post-war years the Royal Conservative establishment were keen to play down the role of jews in British history- for example inventors and designers with jewish blood are said to have taken part in the Great Exhibition of 1851. There are many unsubstantiated suspicions that identities connected with the Great Exhibition of 1851 have been used by the security elite of post-war Britain.

The war proved that "special" relations between British royalty and Germany can exist over and above the suffering of the ordinary man and woman in war. BREXIT will be the same - special links to the EU will be made in British high society and the rest of us will suffer greater hardship with loss of jobs and public services. The main BREXIT engine of a low tax economy will be raced on the private road of bankers and financial services. Our great manufacturing industries will again suffer decline and ordinary people will, yet again, pick up the bill for the aims of the City of London.

The Queen, her photographed Nazi salute and pressure to open archives - Guardian report

"Nazi" King wanted Britain Bombed - Express

British Duke was on Nazi Payroll  - Wikipedia

British Mitford family married in Nazi Society 

Family histories used by "Royal Nazi" security services ?

Monday, 18 December 2017

Blue Passports - Rich Tories Will Cost US Millions !

Rich Tories want "their" old blue passport back
Well-travelled Andrew Rosindell MP has backed an expensive plan to re-introduce the blue UK passport. The flag-waving jingoism that Andrew Rosindell MP thrives on is set to cost the tax-payer £500 MILLION POUNDS.  We can imagine the kind of conversations that wealthy tories have had about the old blue passports and BREXIT in their yacht clubs and foreign properties reminiscing over a brandy - "..and while there about BREXIT they can damn well bring the old blue passport back as well and there's nothing wrong with petrol cars either, I've met Sterling Moss you know".
Only a Tory politician could conceive of the policy that spending tax-payers money on the design of a passport to satisfy the nostalgia of the jet-set wealthy is a worthwhile thing to do.  While tories enjoy their drinks in the yacht club talking about their old passports and commonwealth travelling TORY-DRIVEN BREXIT will bring company closures and relocations and many jobs will be lost to add to the great hardship that already exists in REAL BRITAIN today. 

The only way to get rid of the Tory disease of selfish stupidity is to VOTE LABOUR.  Not only vote for the Labour Party - but help the Labour Party restore the eroded foundations of morality in government policy and in the civil service and return our country to the moral traditions of the true working man and woman. 

A fair day's pay for a fair day's work and access to public services that are run by public servants with a deep sense of genuine duty - not the royal flag-waving fa├žade of pure greed we have being forced down our throats by Andrew Rosindell MP. 

Jobs, food, health and education are more important than the passport preferences of the rich - make sure that you let the Tories know how you feel - join the Labour Party today !

£500 Million to be spent on returning to old blue pasports (independent article)

Join the Labour Party today and help end this stupidity !

Saturday, 16 December 2017

Havering Council Approve Notting Hill Housing Trust As Beam Park Regeneration Partner

Beam Park artists impression (Romford Recorder)
Havering Council has approved Notting Hill Housing Trust as a Joint Venture partner in the Beam Park regeneration plan.  The funding for the scheme will now be subject to approval at a meeting of the full council on Wednesday 21 February 2018.

Councillor Roger Ramsey, Leader of the Council and Lead Member for Regeneration, said:  “This is definitely one of the most exciting pieces of regeneration in Havering that will transform a huge part of the south of the borough, which traditionally hasn’t received the same amount of investment as other more central areas.

“Notting Hill’s approach as a long-term owner and manager of property means that they are committed to building homes and communities that will last, as they will be maintaining and managing these developments for many years to come.”

Roger Ramsey has been a Havering councillor for a very long time including at the time of the Havering College of Further Education and Brooklands football ground scandals.  Many people regard him as a decent man but we believe he has knowledge that could result in the criminal convictions of some of his Conservative Party colleagues and local police officers.

Roger Ramsey (Romford Recorder)

Roger Ramsey has never made any public statement about his alleged knowledge of corruption in property matters in the London Borough of Havering.  In addition to the college and Brooklands scandals there are other allegations of corruption involving the sale of council homes, the sale of "cherry-picked" government owned buildings, property maintenance contracts, other council contracts, corruption in the recruitment of council staff and pension fund raids

I can personally remember Roger Ramsey and the formidable former Labour councillor Mary Latham having rows about the care of the elderly.  Mr Ramsey, if I remember correctly, said that social care should be left entirely to the church and other Christian organisations. I remember members of the Christian community looking distinctly uncomfortable at this news.  I also recall he has a strong dislike of football and seemed distant throughout the Brooklands football ground issue.

Havering council cabinet approve Notting Hill Housing Trust as a partner in Beam Park regeneration

Recent corruption at Havering Council - traditions kept up ?

The very quiet council pension fund raid - surely this should have been more extensively  investigated ?

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Disgusting Conservative Party Conduct At Rememberance Sunday Services - We Make Complaint To City Of London Corporation

Coronation Gardens Rememberance Sunday Service (Romford Recorder)
The Havering Witness has made a formal complaint to the City of London corporation concerning the conduct of a Freeman of the City of London. Andrew Rosindell MP holds the honour of being a Freeman of the City of London.

We are of the humble view that his conduct, and that of other Romford conservatives,  in connection with the Coronation Gardens Remembrance Sunday service is not in keeping with such an honour. 

Labour Party representatives should be treated equally at rememberance services without highly offensive remarks being made as is the case at the Cenotaph service in Whitehall.

We have made the following complaint to the City of London but we don't have high expectations of Mr Rosindell being subject to any consequence of the highly offensive conduct reported to us over several years.

City of London Complaint Reference GE147531

Complaint About A Freeman Of The City Of London

Dear Sir,

Andrew Rosindell MP (Romford) is a Freeman of the City of London. The Cenotaph Rememberance Sunday service in London sets the national standard of rememberance.

The Havering Witness has received several independent reports over several years that our local Rememberance Sunday service in Romford (Coronation Gardens Memorial next to Romford Town Hall) is ruined every year by Romford Conservatives who claim that the Labour Party representative "has not been invited by the mayor". 

"What are you doing here ?" and similar highly offensive remarks are reported to have been said by Mr Andrew Rosindell MP, former Havering council Leader Michael White and other Romford Conservatives to the Labour Party representative.

These political games at a rememberance service are highly offensive to many people in Romford and ruins the one day a year set aside to remember those who died in war.  Many older people are especially upset by the conduct of Mr Rosindell and his Conservative Party colleagues as they cannot make the trip to the Cenotaph. 

If the Cenotaph service can proceed year after year without politics being played why do we in Romford have to tolerate a lower standard of conduct ?

Havering Witness Justice Campaign

Several reports of Romford Conservatives insulting war dead and their families at Rememberance Sunday services

Martial Grove (3)

Martial Law is the imposition of direct military control of normal civilian functions of government. 

Martial Grove is a fictitious place where fictitious leaders live ...

Many locals in Romford have been offended by the attitude of some members of the Conservative Party towards the Rememberance Sunday service.

The Havering Witness has heard several accounts of Labour Party representatives attending the Rememberance Sunday service being told by Conservatives that "you are not invited by the mayor" and other remarks such as "what are you doing here ?"

The national Cenotaph service in Whitehall is  conducted without this highly offensive behaviour - why do we in Romford have to accept a different standard of conduct from those in public office ?

This behaviour by the Conservative Party at rememberance services is disgusting to many voters in Romford and is highly upsetting to elderly people in particular as they can't make the journey to the Cenotaph where things are "done properly".

Romford Conservatives insult war dead and families with offensive political behaviour at public rememberance service

Saturday, 9 December 2017

Thank You Pope Francis For Questioning The Lords Prayer

Thank you Pope Francis, we have only the "elite" to rely on
Pope Francis has called for a line in the Lord's Prayer to be changed because it gives the wrong message to christians. The line in question is "And lead us not into temptation" and Pope Francis says the message of the line is wrong - God does not lead people into temptation Satan does.  The Lord's Prayer is the most used prayer in Christianity and has been used in the "top" schools for many years.  These "top" schools are never slow to claim greater moral authority then the rest of us.

Arrogant British Posh Schools Have Used The Lords Prayer Millions Of Times  

Well Done Pope Francis ! The British elite in their public and grammar schools have used this prayer millions of times without apparently spotting the semantic error.  The high self-regard of British public and grammar schools and their pupils is known the world over. This error gives us an indication of their true standing.

"It’s Satan who leads us into temptation"

British Toffs have used the semantic error millions of times (wiki)
The Catholic Herald reports Pope Francis comments: He said the line 'and lead us not into temptation' is a bad translation. Pope Francis has called for the Italian translation of the Lord’s Prayer to be changed as it implies God leads people into temptation. The line, which is traditionally translated into English as “And lead us not into temptation”, was recently changed in French to say “do not let us enter into temptation.” Currently, the Italian translation is rendered in the same way as the English, implying a change in the English version may also be coming.

Words should be “do not let us enter into temptation.”

Thank you Pope Francis for putting things straight as we in Britain only have the posh "elite" to rely on to check on such things ever since Comprehensive School education and the Open University were ruined by the Conservative Party. The Conservative Party is the political wing of the British "educational elite".

We support Christians On The Left

The Lords Prayer 

Our Father, which art in heaven,
Hallowed be thy Name.
Thy Kingdom come.
Thy will be done in earth,
As it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our trespasses,
As we forgive them that trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation,    (semantic error, God does not, Satan does)
But deliver us from evil.
For thine is the kingdom,
The power, and the glory,
For ever and ever.

Catholic Herald reports

Friday, 8 December 2017

Romford Conservatives Insult War Dead At Rememberance Sunday Services

"What are you doing here ?"
"You are not invited"
"The Mayor has not invited you"
Rememberance not politics (Recorder)
We have received several reports over recent years of the Romford Conservatives insulting the memory of those who gave their lives and their families at the Rememberance Sunday service in Coronation Gardens next to Romford Town Hall. 

Several witnesses from several Rememberance Sunday services over recent years have told us that Romford Conservatives make insulting remarks to Labour Party representatives and supporters attending the Rememberance Sunday service. Senior Conservatives such as Andrew Rosindell MP, former Havering Council leader Michael White and other Conservatives are said to have made deliberately provocative remarks about the right of the Labour Party to equally represent its supporters at the Rememberance Sunday service.

Centotaph Service
Cenotaph Service Should Set Standard Of Conduct  

Hundreds of thousands of those who have died in both world wars and other conflicts throughout the world were supporters of the Labour Party and many of their families would like this fact observed in their rememberance.

The leaders of political parties attend the Centotaph service every year without insulting conduct occuring.

Why does Romford have a different standard of conduct ? 

Local people in Romford simply want to remember those who lost their lives in war without the unacceptable conduct of the Romford Conservatives ruining the special day set aside to do so. The general public want the political agitation of the Romford Conservatives stopped so that they can pay their own respects without the behaviour of Conservatives disrupting a public event with their insulting and selfish conduct.

Local Elderly People Can't Make Journey To Cenotaph Service

Conduct of Andrew Rosindell MP is unacceptable  (BBC photo)
We presume the remarks are intended to provoke a reaction.  Trying to provoke an angry reaction at a Rememberance Sunday service is, in our view, a public order offence.

Needless to say the police turn a blind-eye to the behaviour of the Romford Conservatives, their political and masonic friends, and no action is taken just as in the orchestrated criminality scandals in Havering.   The Havering Witness has been campaigning for justice for the victims of orchestrated criminality for over 40 years.

In Romford even the war dead can be insulted without consequence if you wave enough Union flags and cheer the Queen loudly enough.

Romford MP Is Listed in Debretts And Is A Freeman of The City of London

The national Rememberance Sunday service at the Cenotaph has the political party representatives taking part without ANY political agitation taking place. Romford people simply want the same standard of conduct to apply to their local Rememberance Service - this is especially true of the elderly who can't make the journey to Whitehall to pay their respects at the Cenotaph.

The Romford MP Andrew Rosindell has met the Queen on several occasions, is a member of several pro-monarchist groups, is listed in Debretts, and has been made a Freeman of the City of London.  We wonder why he and his colleagues seem immune from prosecution for public disorder offences at public rememberance services - conduct that has deeply offended many local people.

Is Andrew Rosindell MP embarassing (and insulting) his constituents ?

Shouldn't Andrew Rosindell MP have made a greater effort to condemn the murder of Jo Cox MP ? 

Conservatives are two-faced on support for military families (depends on who you are ?)

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Security Elite Could Have Stopped Manchester Arena Terrorist Attack

Andrew Rosindell MP on Russia Today TV
Is "National Security" the same in Conservative and Labour areas ?

We all pay tax to the treasury but do all British citizens receive the same consideration in "national security" ? 

Duty and patriotism are words never far from the lips of Andrew Rosindell MP but do Labour voters really receive the same protection as Mr Rosindell and his supporters for the tax they pay ? Recent reports into the handling of terrorist investigations suggest that the UK has two kind of citizen - Conservative and Labour - with different models of citizens rights applied to them by the establishment elites, two systems and two countries.

In our home town of Romford Labour-supporting veterans and families cannot even attend Rememberance Sunday services without attempts of political intimidation by Mr Rosindell
For many years Romford Labour voters, including veterans themselves and Labour-supporting families remembering their family members who died in war cannot even attend Rememberance Sunday services without attempts of political intimidation by the local Conservative  Party establishment and their friends in the police and Provincial Grand Lodge of Essex.  Mr Rosindell and others have been witnessed to say "you haven't been invited by the mayor" to Labour Party representatives at the Remeberance Sunday service.

MI5 cleared of criticism in Woolwich attack (killer had links to Romford), but MI5 "might have" prevented Manchester attack

Killer Michael Adebolajo attended a Romford school (The Sun)
Following the murder of Lee Rigby by islamic terrorist Michael Adebolajo a report was published which cleared MI5 of any criticism in their handling of investigations of Adebolajo - the Woolwich attack "could not have been prevented".  The report received a great deal of press coverage. Michael Adebolajo went to Marshalls Park School in Romford the same secondary school as Andrew Rosindell MP.  Romford is a heavily Conservative area - in stark contrast Manchester and the North West of England has strong support for the Labour Party and the TUC. 

The BBC reports that MI5 COULD HAVE prevented the terrorist attack in Manchester, which
killed 22 people, if it had not “wrongly” interpreted intelligence on the bomber, Salman Abedi, according to a report by David Anderson QC.
  •  The assessment by David Anderson QC, the UK’s former independent reviewer of terrorism legislation, highlighted shortcomings in the way the security service and the police work together and share intelligence with local police forces and local authorities. “It is conceivable that the Manchester attack in particular might have been averted if the cards had fallen differently".
  • A few days before Daivd Anderson's report was released it was announced that David Duckenfield, the police commander in charge on the day of the Hillsborough disaster, is to receive Legal Aid to fight his case. 
Manchester remembers the murder victims (independent)
  • Michael Adebolajo, the killer of soldier Lee Rigby in the Woolwich attack, went to the same school as Romford MP Andrew Rosindell.  A later report cleared MI5 of any criticism saying that "the Woolwich attack could not have been prevented".
  •  Despite 40 years of campaigning by eye-witnesses the Romford, Hornchurch and Upminster Conservative Parties have NEVER been formally questioned about the many allegations of corruption within the London Borough of Havering.
  •  The allegations include several "criminal fixes" in the closure of a local football ground ("Brooklands"), attempted closure of Havering College of FE by criminal means, "insider dealing" in the sale of council properties in the 1980s, political collusion between police and Conservative Party to intimidate opposition politicians and independent anti-corruption campaigners including attempted murder and assault by vehicle sabotage and threats to family.

MI5 Could Have Prevented Manchester Attack (Express report)

MI5 "cleared" of any criticism in Romford-linked terrorist killing of Lee Rigby (Terrorist Michael Adebolajo went to Romford MP Andrew Rosindell's old school - Marshalls Park School in Romford)

Hillsborough Stadium Deaths Cop To Get Legal Aid (BBC report)

Eye-witness allegations of corruption in Havering ignored by police  

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Martial Grove (2)

Martial Law is the imposition of direct military control of normal civilian functions of government. 

Martial Grove is a fictitious place where fictitious leaders live ...

 Before BREXIT our "leaders" covered their backs with a letter expressing  concern about the military consequences of leaving the EU.  

Our distant, often completely unknown military leaders, live in luxury (with servants). The public pay their bills and suffer the austerity policies of the Conservative Party. The public are expected to do so without protest in the name of "patriotism". 

"Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel"  Samuel Johnson, 1775

Our distant leaders cover their backs over BREXIT  (Daily Express)

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Roman Bath's "Pagan Queen" Laughs All the Way To The "Christian" Bank

Breakwell - laughing all the way to the "christian" bank
We live in a modern pagan world - its Gods are the modern economic equivalents of the ancient Roman pagan excuses for opulence and excess worshipped in their pantheon.  

Money, status, bounded rationality, loopholes and limited liability are amongst the modern pagan idols daily worshipped in the business pantheons of our cities.

Traditionally, British banks claim that a christian work ethic guides their judgement - this claim is often made by other parts of the British establishment. Romford MP Andrew Rosindell has himself made reference to this claimed deeper "christian" morality that is supposed to be acting in opposition to modern excess. We see the falseness of these claims on a daily basis.

The christian morality of the royal establishment ?

Universities are supposed to be one of the institutions from which the monotheism of personal and community health in mind, body and spirit should flow.  True wisdom should naturally oppose the irresponsible excess we see all around us from the moment we wake to the moment we fall asleep - for some in modern despair even sleep is no sanctuary as the designed anxieties of the modern pagan world intrude and disturb even that private place of refuge.

Excess is constantly excused
MP's, university staff and students at the University of Bath, a famously Roman city, have provided some hope by forcing the resignation of their grossly overpaid vice-chancellor Dame Glynis Breakwell - but the terms of her departure are another scandal.

Bath's "Pagan Queen is Slain" By Wooden Sword

The business pagans have been laughing at their encroachment on our education and health institutions for a long time and yesterday their taunting laughs continued, even intensified, as a moral wooden sword bounced off the fat belly of a pagan queen. 

Labour's former education minister Andrew Adonis called for an inquiry in 2016. 

Although her resignation was met with delight by staff and students the terms of her departure are set to cause another row.  Wikepedia reports that "Dame Glynis Breakwell announced that she would step down as vice-chancellor on 31 August 2018, at the end of the 2017-18 academic year, and take a fully-paid sabbatical semester before formally retiring on 28 February 2019. Andrew Adonis called the terms of her resignation "outrageous" and that she was the worst case of "fat-cat pay", saying the sabbatical meant that she would be paid £700,000 to go." (wikipedia 29/11/17)

 Bath University Chancellor Dame Glynis Breakwell Resigns - Guardian reports

Staff and Students wanted Dame Glynis Breakwell Out ! - UCU (University and College Union) reports 

If universities become yet another pig trough for modern pagan world then we are ALL in godless despair  - Havering Witness Opinion

Want a return to genuine public service ? Yes ? then Vote Labour

Friday, 24 November 2017

Full Investigation Into Tories Andre Walker and Mark Clarke Blocked

Andre Walker (left) had gay relationship (pink news)
Andre Walker, the former assistant of Andrew Rosindell MP, will not be investigated by the police despite Former Conservative Way Forward boss Paul Abbott telling the coroner that Elliott Johnson had been 'terrified' he'd be 'knifed to the end of the earth' if he complained about his treatment.  Andre Walker's tory colleague Mark Clarke won't be investigated by the police either despite both of them being clearly identified in the suicide note of Mr Johnson.

The Daily Mail printed a part of Elliott Johnson's suicide note which clearly identifies Walker and Clarke, it later emerged that Walker had been in a gay relationship with Elliott Johnson:

"These past few weeks have been the worst of my life. I find myself on the work scrapheap. My choice is end it now or wait till the death of my career when the money runs out. I have also been involved in a huge political issue. I have been bullied by Mark Clarke and betrayed by Andre Walker. Now all my bridges are burnt. Where can I go from here? I am sorry it has come to this and hope you can recover after a time. I want you to be together and get over my death. The help you have given me is truly awe-inspiring. It is hard to put it into words."

Walker was an assistant to Rosindell (Romford Recorder photo)
Can you imagine how differently this case would have been handled if Elliott Johnson had been a member of the Labour Party ? The police and press wouldn't stop investigating it like the private militia they really are.  

 Romford MP Andrew Rosindell has made no comment on the case and Andre Walker continues to work at the House of Commons as a journalist according to his twitter account.
This web-site has been hacked since we first described the Elliott Johnson case and the fact that his former gay partner Andre Walker is a former assistant to Andrew Rosindell MP. 

Mr Rosindell continues to develop his career in foreign affairs to the anger of many of his constituents who would prefer a different kind of MP to represent them. Mr Rosindell has been described by journalist Simon Heffer as the "King of subsidised jaunts".  

(Incidentally Simon Heffer attended King Edward VI Grammar School in Chelmsford, Essex as did royal gardener and journalist Peter Seabrook. Mr Rosindell attended Marshall Park School in Romford which is also the old school of terrorist Michael Adebolajo - the killer of soldier Lee Rigby)

 Investigation blocked by coroner - is it more Masonic corruption ?

"Potentially Criminal" case ignored by Police

Andre Walker former assistant to Andrew Rosindell MP

Andre Walker still working in politics and based at House of Commons

(pictures Pink News and Romford Recorder)

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Elliott Johnson suicide case and Andre Walker


Elliott Johnson  (Standard photo)
Andre Walker, former assistant to Andrew Rosindell MP, was linked to the Elliott Johnson suicide case by several national newspapers. It later emerged that Andre Walker had been in a gay relationship with Elliott Johnson.  Before his death and in his suicide note Elliott Johnson claimed that his former boyfriend had "betrayed" him.  Andre Walker moved to David Morris MP's office staff some time after working for Andrew Rosindell MP at Westminster.

Andre Walker "was in relationship" with Elliott Johnson

Before his death Elliott Johnson made a recording of Andre Walker - Daily Mail

Andre Walker is former assistant to Romford MP Andrew Rosindell

Andrew Rosindell MP is "rumoured to be gay"

Saturday, 18 November 2017

The Queen Hands Whitehall Cenotaph Wreath To Prince Charles

To the deep joy of republicans here in the London Borough of Havering and around the world, Queen Elizabeth II will no longer lay a wreath on Rememberance Sunday passing the laying of the monarch's wreath to Prince Charles.  We believe that if many of the war dead were alive today they would tell you that they NEVER wanted to fight for monarchy and certainly DON'T WANT the Queen or monarchists like Andrew Rosindell MP acting as their moral guardian in their absence at national or local rememberance ceremonies.

Rosindell "warns" King of Spain (Daily Express)
As Sky News reports the monarch acts as "Chief Mourner" who "gathers" leaders to "reflect" on events giving the monarch an automatic status as spokesman of the people - like it or not ! What utter conceit we have had to endure from  monarchists and their political manipulation of wars fought to protect their history, families and wealth.

Sky news article (link below): On 11 November 1920, King George V acted as Chief Mourner at the funeral of the First World War's Unknown Warrior.  The procession stopped at the new Cenotaph, or emblematic 'empty tomb', which completely caught the grieving nation's mood, and the King laid his wreath of white flowers on the memorial. And Sir Edwin Lutyen's simple stone memorial remains the focus of the UK's annual salute. Ever since 1920, in what became known as the National Act of Remembrance, each monarch has gathered the political and military leaders of our nation to reflect upon the high cost of peace, freedom and democracy.

Oliver Cromwell - Our greatest action republican
Daily Telegraph reports "subtle shift of duties" : "The Prince will then lead the nation in honouring the country's war dead in what is believed to be the first time the Queen has broken with tradition and not performed the symbolic duty when at the Whitehall service. The change is seen as an example of the subtle shift of head of state duties from the 91-year-old sovereign to the heir to the throne."

We hope that these "subtle changes" will lead to the eventual total abolition of the monarchy and peerage in every part of the United Kingdom.  Please help us get rid of Romford's monarchist MP Andrew Rosindell and allow the people of Romford political access to the real modern world - we are sick and tired of our home town being presented as a centre of support for the monarchy.  Lets dump the Royal albatross and fairy-godmother pantomime forever - it need not be a subtle change !

Daily Telegraph report

Will the Queen hand the throne to Prince Charles as well ? - Daily Express report

Royal "Chief Mourner" - Sky News report

Monarchist Andrew Rosindell MP "warns" King of Spain - Daily Express report

Romford MP Andrew Rsoindell promotes monarchy abroad

Friday, 17 November 2017

NHS in crisis while Essex Freemasons pat themselves on the back

The Kings Fund is an independent charity working to improve health and care in England. The Kings Fund have stated their deep concerns about the NHS  "The NHS is struggling to cope with record demand and social care services are stretched to the limit."

Some good news for a change
The British Red Cross have already declared that the NHS has crossed a line into a "humanitarian crisis" requiring the large scale intervention of charities.

The BBC reports:  Patients are dying alone on hospital wards because staff do not have enough time to care for them, nurses say. The mounting pressure across the UK is also leading to medicines being given late and patients being left in pain. The issues have been brought to light after the Royal College of Nursing canvassed front-line staff about their experiences of their last shift.

Here in "Royalist Romford" instead of addressing the NHS crisis we have the Essex Freemasons publicising their "social consciousness" by giving money to hospices in a carefully placed article in the .Romford Recorder.  We wonder how many Essex Freemasons have private health care, do you think they are concerned about the people's NHS or  just their own welfare ?  

If you REALLY want to protect the NHS don't believe all the charity bunk from the Royalist Conservative establishment like the Royal Arch Freemasons and their friends in the Essex press simply vote Labour in every election.   

NHS crisis does our MP Andrew Rosindell even care ?   

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Will Andrew Rosindell MP Be Telling Zimbabwe Off ?

Please don't tell Zimbabwe off they have enough to worry about
Romford MP Andrew Rosindell is listed in Debretts as being involved in the Zimbabwe-Rhodesia Relief Fund (2010 onwards) as well as a large number of other foreign interest groups.

Mr Rosindell has a habit of telling off foreign countries seemingly upstaging the appointed foreign secretary to the watching world. Many people in Romford would like an MP that spends his or her time on other matters of great concern to their constituents and not what many see as his "careerism" in foreign affairs.

We hope that Mr Rosindell won't further embarass many already unhappy voters in our home town by telling off the Zimbabwe military following the recent events in that country.  Mr Rosindell please leave foreign affairs to the Foreign Office.

Andrew Rosindell MP - organisation membership listing in Debretts

"We won't prosecute killers of white farmers" - President Robert Mugabe

Senior Tory Nicholas Soames says a Conservative Government has "unfinished business" in Zimababwe

Andrew Rosindell MP seems keen on EVERYBODY ELSE joining up but has no military or police service of his own - is this the kind of MP you want young people to listen to ?

Andrew Rosindell MP - a politician of unsustainable contradictions ?

Save our town from Andrew Rosindell MP and his foreign affairs "careerism"  

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Some Tories Deserve Credit For Their Work

Robert Halfon MP (Daily Mail photo)
Some time ago a "floating voter" pensioner said to us "Is there anything you like about the Tories ?" We explained that we are a local justice campaign who believes that the Romford MP was involved in a criminal plan to close a college and other buildings in Havering as described in our mission statement - we think Mr Rosindell and his Conservative Party colleagues should be investigated by the police and our eye-witness evidence of events taken for use in those investigations

As we think our Conservative MP and his colleagues should be under investigation clearly we don't have a good word for them.  

However we promised the pensioner that from time to time we would publish good things done by other Tories when we came across them.  So here is a list of things done by other Tories we think are good, you never know we might end up with a better Romford MP as a result of recognising their work even if they are still Tories.

  1.  Robert Halfon MP - Well done on your work trying to abolish hospital parking charges, we know from our own campaigning that this issue has made people very very angry indeed at a time when they are already under a great deal of stress. 
  2. Anna Soubry MP - Well done standing up to Brexit bullies at the Daily Telegraph and in parliament. Selfish tradition and wealth should be separated from genuine national interest.  
  3. Jo Johnson MP - Well done in criticising often arrogant and insular universities and their overpaid leadership. Attention to university leadership helps students get "value for money", Why not go further and announce a National Curriculum for selected university courses like English and Mathematics ensuring a legal Quality system ? 
  4. Alistair Burt MP - Well done for recognising that governments should own and run some things for the national interest. 

Well Done to Tory Robert Halfon MP - Abolishing Hospital Parking Charges (Daily Express)

Well Done to Tory Anna Soubry MP - Standing up To Brexit Bullies (Guardian report)

Well Done to Tory Jo Johnson MP - Students SHOULD get "value for money" from often arrogant universities

Well Done to Tory Alistair Burt MP - Some things SHOULD be publicly owned and run by the government

Other Tories we are concerned about 

Andre Walker, former assistant to Andrew Rosindell MP, named by newspapers in Elliott Johnson suicide case

Marcus Llewlyn-Rothschild, former assistant to Dame Angela Watkinson MP, now working for James Duddridge MP (Mr Duddridge opposed a 10 minute rule bill introduced by Robert Halfon MP to abolish hospital parking charges)

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Pervert Police Doctor Could Have Been Stopped Earlier

Daily Express reports (4/11/17):

Jailed pervert police doctor faces new sex assault probe

"Dr Hugh O’Neill, 63, last year pleaded guilty to sexually abusing 13 policewomen from the Norfolk Police force over several years.  But yesterday it emerged that 20 more female officers had made allegations against the medical adviser – and that senior officers ignored a recommendation to investigate the sexual predator a decade before he was sacked.

Pervert Doctor O'Neill (Daily Express)

O’Neill was jailed for 12 years in 2015 after he admitted two rapes and three counts of gross indecency on two girls under 14. In 2016, he was jailed for a further three years after his guilty plea to the charges relating to the 13 policewomen.

An internal inquiry was launched but was abandoned a few weeks later.  There was no formal police investigation.  Senior officers apologised to him (!) for any “distress” the inquiry had caused – and the doctor went on offending.

In 2002, further sex assault allegations were made against O’Neill and he was later sacked as force medical adviser.
Earlier this year, a senior lawyer from the Crown Prosecution Service investigated the actions of senior officers who failed to launch an investigation in 1993.  She decided there was insufficient evidence for them to be charged with conspiracy to pervert the course of justice or misconduct in a public office.
Norfolk Police Chief Simon Bailey (Eastern Daily Press)
“The report found some failings in both previous investigations, which is a matter of great regret,” said Mr Bailey (Chief Constable Norfolk Constabulary)

Norfolk’s Chief Constable Simon Bailey said the way forces respond to allegations of sexual assault had “changed considerably” since 1993.  Last year Mr Bailey commissioned Essex Police to conduct a review into the force’s handling of allegations in 1993 and 2002.

 Those officers involved in the investigations have now retired.

Daily Express Report by Reporter John Twomey

Deaths In Police Custody - Guardian report

Does our Romford MP Andrew Rosindell care enough about police custody deaths ?

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Armistice Day - The Working Class Man Remembered

War is the continuation of capitalism by other means is a well known phrase. We think it only tells half the story.  The capitalist elite love war because they become very wealthy from the huge demands it creates but according to local Conservatives in Romford war also has another purpose - it controls and conditions the population of working class men who might otherwise trigger a socialist revolution.

We have heard many many local Conservatives and UKIP supporters state "off the record" that a war would be best for them to help secure BREXIT and secure future trade deals elsewhere in the world.  These people are never challenged by our local press and you will never see these big-mouthed armchair generals in any army they would like to create - that "duty" will be forced upon the unemployed working man.

Never underestimate the real purpose of "economic reconstruction" in a drive towards militarism. This Armistice Day we remember those, and only those, working men and women who gave their lives to protect the wealth of others.

The reward for the working-class survivors of war was to see the welfare state they voted for in 1945 destroyed by Margaret Thatcher and her supporters like Andrew Rosindell MP. 
War and capitalism - Socialist Review

1945 General Election - Tories Out !

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Martial Grove

Martial Law is the imposition of direct military control of normal civilian functions of government. 

Martial Grove is a fictitious place where fictitious leaders live ...

We would like to thank the anonymous young aspiring cartoonist for his view of politics in the London Borough of Havering.  It's great to know that young people take an interest in politics.

Friday, 3 November 2017

A New Royal Yacht - The Insulting Priorities Of The Conservative Party

Queen hires MV Hebridean Princess for yet another holiday on us
What would be your guess on the appropriate priorities of a British government ?  

Help for the over-stretched NHS still seething from the last crisis ?

Dealing with deep public concern about social care for the elderly ?

Taking measures to help low-income voters with price increases ?

Making progress on thousands of cases of gross injustice such as deaths in police cusody ?

Allocating a budget to compensate the businesses that will close as a result of BREXIT ?

Sadly it doesn't appear to be those things nor a hundred more deserving issues we could list. 

The Conservative Party say a new Royal Yacht is needed

The Queen is reported to have "wept" at the retirement of the old royal yacht. Royalists have decided that the issue is of great public concern.  The Conservative Party have already held talks on the commissioning of a new Royal Yacht.

To "sell" the announcement of this ridiculous expenditure it is thought the new royal yacht will spend some of its time training young people. The young people won't be aboard when the yacht is used for yet more royal holidays at our expense in addition to the huge disgusting  amount of public money already spent on the British monarchy over hundreds of years. Never has so much money been repeatedly wasted on a failed institution as the British monarchy.

What planet is the royalist Conservative Party on ?

Conservative Party in talks about new royal yacht - Telegraph report

Boris Johnson announces plans in parliament - Telegraph reports

Old royal yacht used as a "tourist attraction" in Edinburgh

Queen "weeps" at retirement of old royal yacht - royalists want to make it all better

Opinion - Former Tory MP Elizabeth Peacock should have publicly condemned the murder of Jo Cox MP

Queen hires the Hebridean Princess for yet another holiday at our expense

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Publishing Of Delayed Report On Deaths In Police Custody

Thomas Orchard died in a police cell
The Guardian reports:  A long-awaited report into deaths in police custody in England and Wales is due to be published after a 15-month delay.  

The report, ordered by Theresa May in 2015 while she was home secretary, is expected to recommend far-reaching reforms to the police, justice system and health service. It will be published by the current home secretary, Amber Rudd, on Monday.

Led by Dame Elish Angiolini QC, the report is expected to say police vehicles and cells should not be used to transport or hold those detained under mental health powers, unless in exceptional cases. It will also say the detention of those believed to have mental health issues in police cells should be phased out completely. Families of those who have died in police custody should receive “free, non means-tested” legal advice from the start of the process, through to an inquest, it will recommend.

Custody Death Cops Walk Free To Their Pensions (Independent)
During the 15 month delay, the THREE police offcers of EXETER police station involved in the custody death of THOMAS ORCHARD were cleared. 

It is understood special groups have been set up in Whitehall to deal with the fallout of the report, covering police, health, coroners and the police complaints watchdog. (end of Guardian quote)

The Guardian reports

Hansard record of Nick Hurd MP statement on Independent Review of Death in Police Custody

Deaths in Police Custody debate - BBC video

Dame Elish Angiolini delivers lecture on Scottish Housing


Adie, Adie, Adie

Lilias Adie killed by the church
Dundee University has completed a remarkable project to recreate the face of one of Scotland's most notorious "witches" Lilias Adie of 18th century Fife..  Lilias Adie died in 1704 in prison before she could be burned for her "confessed" crimes of being a witch and having sex with the devil. Locals buried her under a large stone on the Fife coast, perhaps believing it would stop her rising from the grave.  Her remains were exhumed in the 19th Century by antiquarians. Her skull ended up in the St Andrews University Museum and was photographed before it went missing during the 20th Century.

Some papers and academics report that the real supposed "crime" that "witches" were sentenced for was as a "cause of illness and misfortune" in their local community - the church encouraged people to believe that the highly-selective "immoral" behaviour of targetted individuals was the cause of misfortune,  ill-health and death of "innocent church-going" members of the parish. The conduct of the church or its favoured flock was never under any question needless to say.

Locals in Havering might remember that Adie was the surname of the Deputy Headmaster who helped an Irish Fenian family get good jobs, they later joined the Romford Conservative Party and the Havering College scandal soon followed.  The Havering Witness Justice Campaign was established to call for a full criminal investigation into the orchestrated criminality scandal at the college - we believe that the current MP for Romford, Andrew Rosindell, has knowledge of these events as he was a student at the college himself at the time. Please read our mission statement.

Adie, from Torryburn, was summoned before local church ministers and elders in 1704 over claims she had brought ill-health to one of her neighbours. According to local folklore, she is said to have confessed that she had met the Devil in a local cornfield and then “accepted him as her lover and master”.

Read more at:
Torryburn, was summoned before local church ministers and elders in 1704 over claims she had brought ill-health to one of her neighbours. According to local folklore, she is said to have confessed that she had met the Devil in a local cornfield and then “accepted him as her lover and master”.

Read more at:
Read more at:
Adie, from Torryburn, was summoned before local church ministers and elders in 1704 over claims she had brought ill-health to one of her neighbours. According to local folklore, she is said to have confessed that she had met the Devil in a local cornfield and then “accepted him as her lover and master”.

Read more at:

 The Scotsman reports on face reconstruction of 18th century "witch" Lilias Adie

Chase Cross School Given Rotten Irish Apples by Conservative Party

Irish "fenian" family joined Romford Conservative Party - college scandal soon followed

Bruno, Bruno, Bruno

Jack got 3 magic beans
 .. 5 Gold Rings, 4 Calling Birds, 3 French Hens, 2 Turtle Doves and a Partridge in a Pear Tree .. from 12 days of Christmas

"Beans?" asked Jack, looking a little confused. "Three magical bean seeds to be exact, young man.  One, two, three! ... from Jack and the Beanstalk

Generally speaking we aren't conspiracy theorists but sometimes a string of events occurs and we are left wondering is it more than coincidence ? Is there a hidden hand guiding events beyond the public eye and beyond what the press wants to report ?
One such series of events was the THREE BRUNO stories - no it isn't a Sesame Street story but three news items with very serious backgrounds effecting three VERY DIFFERENT people with the name Bruno
  1. Boxing champ Frank Bruno returns as a trainer after many difficult years struggling with his health.  
  2. Coronation Street star Bruno Langley is charged with sexual assault.
  3. Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez meets US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson about allegations of a "sonic" sttack on US embassy staff. 

 Frank Bruno is back - Boxing champ returns as trainer

Coronation Street Star Bruno Langley charged with sexual assault - Sun Report

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez meets Tillerson on US Embassy "Sonic" Attack

Jack and the Beanstalk - 3 MAGIC BEANS