Saturday, 17 December 2016

The Statecraft Conjecture - The Murder of Jo Cox MP and the influx of French Jews to London

The murder of Jo Cox MP will NOT be forgottten
When people of the British Labour movement are murdered there are two levels on which ordinary mortals like us should view the crime. The first level has been "completed" with the conviction of Thomas Mair, however, wider arrests of Mair's associates using anti-terror powers have not been made.The first level, we say, is not complete.

The second level is more abstract and is concerned with the mood of those who hold real power. What was the "power mood" of the elite at the time of the murder of Jo Cox MP ? 

We say it has two components:

1) The quiet royal establishment expectation of BREXIT  - the timing of the referendum allowed a BREXIT result  to be  part of the "celebration" of Queen Elizabeth II and her life's "achievement" as the longest-serving monarch. ( We are all supposed to be ecstatic for the Queen - we in Romford have a particular problem with this compulsory celebration as we have "cheesy" royal cheerleader Andrew Rosindell as our MP)

2) The admission of many thousands of French Jews into the UK, London in particular, following the terror attacks in Paris which occured only months before our EU membership referendum. French politics had very active communist and socialist parties for decades. We think it is the habit of the British Royal Establishment to constantly regard jews (any jews) as possible troublemakers and the French as far too left-wing generally. French Jews, then, would be regarded as potentially a threat to national security.  (For many years royalist Conservatives would point to the fact that the English hero Oliver Cromwell allowed the re-admission of jews into England and used it aa a standard criticism of him - tolerance of Jews was weaponised). Has the rush of French Jews into London caused serious but unstated concern at the highest levels of the antiquated British royal state ?  Is this concern the deepest-rooted motivation of a political murder ? 

The investigation and consequences of the murder of Jo Cox MP are very very far from over.

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