Saturday, 10 December 2016

The Independent Questions The Priorities Of Andrew Rosindell MP

Armed police are responsible for protecting parliament
The Independent newspaper appears to agree with the local justice campaign, The Havering Witness, that the political priorities of ROMFORD MP Andrew Rosindell are questionable.  Being an MP is a democratic privilege.  Our parliament SHOULD NOT  be a place where ROYALIST SPIES can casually pursue their own agenda  - it took a civil war in which many BRAVE ENGLISHMEN died to establish parliament. 

It is our opinion that Andrew Rosindell is a royalist spy who seeks to undermine our democratic parliament - we say that Mr Rosindell is NOT FIT FOR MEMBERSHIP OF PARLIAMENT  and the next time he attempts to enter the Houses of Parliament he should be arrested and ejected by the Metropolitan Police who are charged with the protection of our parliamentary democracy.   

The Independent article 

(Daily Mirror photo)

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