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Freemasonry and Andrew Rosindell MP (Part 20)

In 2003 it was reported that Andrew Rosindell MP (Conservative, Romford) was made a Freeman of the City of London (see Debretts). The Havering Witness justice campaign would like to consider the consequences of this for the voters of Romford.  To do this The Havering Witness has studied the book “The Brotherhood” by Stephen Knight, 1994 edition, published by Harper Collins, ISBN 0-586-05983-0, the book is described as the “The Explosive Expose’ Of The Secret World Of The Freemasons”. 
“ qualify for the membership of one the [City of London] livery companies a man must be a Freeman of the City of London, an honour generally awarded by Freemasons to Freemasons..” p 228
On a chapter by chapter basis we have selected quotes that concerned us greatly Witnesses to crime and corruption who are prepared to give their testimony under oath in a court of law should not be ignored.

Quotes From “The Brotherhood” by Stephen Knight,  Chapter 20

Chapter 20 – Barristers and Judges

“Where Freemasonry does play a big part – and this is why so many judges are Masons – is in the process by which appointments to the Bench are made.. p167

“In England, the rank of barrister is conferred by four unincorporated bodies known collectively as the Honourable Societies of the Inns of Court.  The four Inns, established between 1310 and 1357 are Lincoln’s Inn, Gray’s Inn, the Middle Temple and the Inner Temple.. each Inn is OWNED by its Honourable Society  and governed by its own senior members.. known as Benchers” P168/9

“ addition [to the examinations] barrister candidates  must ‘keep twelve terms’ which means ..[that in each of the four Legal terms of the year – Hilary, Easter, Trinity and Michaelmas] for three years candidates must dine at their Inn ..p 169

“In 1966 a Senate of the Inns of Court was set up as an overall governing body. Its first president was, not unexpectedly, a Freemason .. Masonic barristers are among the hardest Masons of all to persuade to talk, or even admit to being part of the Brotherhood.” P170

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