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Freemasonry and Andrew Rosindell MP (Part 8)

In 2003 it was reported that Andrew Rosindell MP (Conservative, Romford) was made a Freeman of the City of London (see Debretts). The Havering Witness justice campaign would like to consider the consequences of this for the voters of Romford.  To do this The Havering Witness has studied the book “The Brotherhood” by Stephen Knight, 1994 edition, published by Harper Collins, ISBN 0-586-05983-0, the book is described as the “The Explosive Expose’ Of The Secret World Of The Freemasons”. 
“ qualify for the membership of one the [City of London] livery companies a man must be a Freeman of the City of London, an honour generally awarded by Freemasons to Freemasons..” p 228
On a chapter by chapter basis we have selected quotes that concerned us greatly Witnesses to crime and corruption who are prepared to give their testimony under oath in a court of law should not be ignored.

Quotes From “The Brotherhood” by Stephen Knight,  Chapter 8

Worshipful Masters of Conspiracy

“Corruption among Scotland Yard detectives, always a problem, grew enormously during the 1960s..cultivating certain smaller villains, who in return for favours, could be counted on to “grass” on the bigger men the Yard regarded as its prime quarry...the system brought temptation to many police officers who would be offered money...”  p81

“The [Porn Squad] section of the Metropolitan Police was, in the words of a Lord Chief Justice, ‘involved in wholesale corruption.  The very men employed to bring the corrupt to book were thriving on the proceeds of corruption.’”

“The worst of these men was Detective Chief Superintendent William “Bill” Moody, former head of the Obscene Publications Squad.  Moody was an active Freemason, he was jailed for 12 years. .. ironically it had been Moody who had been placed in charge of the first corruption investigations while he was extorting ‘protection money’ from Soho pornography racketeers...almost the entire Porn Squad was in the racket...Moody lived in Weybridge, Surrey and he and several others in the Porn Squad were in the same Freemason Lodge so were a number of pornographers. “  p84

“John Shirley, co-author of The Fall of Scotland Yard, who gave evidence before the Royal Commission on Standards  of Conduct in Public Life, chaired by Lord Salmon, told me “Its fairly certain that the basis of a corrupt network ..was either formed or developed within the Masonic lodge.  If it had been known that Moody was a member of the same Freemasonry Lodge as a number of well-known pornographers , on whom the police had files, then I think the link between them would have been established much earlier than it was” . P84

“One of [Commissioner Robert Mark] his first reforms was to set up the “ruthlessly efficient” department,  A10, to investigate complaints against police officers. .despite A10’s success in ridding the Yard of suspect detectives – nearly 300 had been forced to resign by spring 1975 – A10 was constantly obstructed in its attempts to obtain evidence.. The ‘honest’ men needed as witnesses were members of the same Brotherhood [Freemasonry] as the ‘bent’ officers, many shared the same lodges” P84


Andrew Rosindell MP, Freeman of the City of London, would know of these investigations and the role that Freemasonry is alleged to have played in the INSTITUTIONAL CRIMINALITY many claim exists.  We are of the view that Mr Rosindell is disingenuous in the anti-crime image he presents to the people of ROMFORD as these cases show that the rule of law is not applied to everyone.

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