Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Former Conservative Batley & Spen MP Elizabeth Peacock Should Have Publicly Condemned The Murder Of Labour's Jo Cox MP

Thomas Mair has been found guilty of the murder of brave Batley and Spen Labour MP Jo Cox. The Crown Prosecution Service called Mair's crimes "acts of terrorism".

Elizabeth Peacock - No public condemnation of the murder ?
A former Conservative MP for Batley is Elizabeth Peacock who is a "noted pro-life campaigner". However, for someone who values life so much and so importantly, Elizabeth Peacock has been remarkably silent on the murder of brave Jo Cox MP and the future of her children - children who have had to endure the world's media reporting the details of their mother's murder by a terrorist.  Surely it would be normal protocol for a former MP of the same constituency to condemn such an attack on democracy itself.


 Is new Prime Minister Theresa May strongly pro-life ? 

Elizabeth Peacock as a "pro-life" lobby supporter will be a supporter of  the work of SPUC - the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children. Paul Tully, the general secretary of SPUC has assessed new Prime Minister Theresa May's record on the issue.

Paul Tully, General Secretary of SPUC, Assesses Prime Minister Theresa May

SPUC tells Prime Minster Theresa May what they want from her

Terrorist Thomas Mair found guilty of killing Batley and Spen MP Jo Cox

Former Batley MP Elizabeth Peacock and Princess Anne

Elizabeth Peacock - "Pro-life" Campaigner but silent on Jo Cox Murder

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