Thursday, 17 November 2016

CROYDON Tram Crash - Police Investigating in Hours After Crash - SHOREHAM Death Jet Pilot Still Not Arrested After A YEAR !!

CROYDON and SHOREHAM - two names that should always be used when discussing injustice in the royal United Kingdom.  A comparison of the police investigations of these two cases will reveal the TWO-TIER JUSTICE SYSTEM that we hand over our hard-earnt TAX to pay wealthy fox-hunting barristers and judges to arrive at unjust upper-classs protectionist verdicts !  

Shoreham Pilot Andy Hill Leaving Hospital Without Being Arrested
The driver of the Croydon tram that crashed killing 7 innocent people and injuring 50 more was arrested within hours of the crash - the SHOREHAM air crash deaths occured in August 2015 and we are STILL WAITING for the ex-RAF pilot Andy "Hilz" Hill to be arrested on suspicion of manslaughter.  The possibility of a medical cause in the Croydon crash did NOT stop police arresting and interviewing the tram driver unlike death crash pilot Andy Hill who was protected from police interview for "medical" reasons for weeks on end !!  The police, after waiting for months, ALSO had to go to high court to get evidence of the crash causes to be released to the detectives investigating the case.  

Croydon Tram Crash Interim Report Released Within A Week !

COMPARE quick arrest of Croydon tram drive with constant delays in Shoreham investigation

 "Shoreham Victims Remembered" But Still No Arrest

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