Saturday, 12 November 2016

COMPARE Quick Arrest Of CroydonTram Driver WITH Long Delay Of "Interviewing" Shoreham Death Jet Pilot

 The driver of the Croydon tram that derailed causing the death of seven innocent people was arrested within hours of the tragedy oocuring on 9th November 2016. CONTRAST that with the constant delay and obstruction that characterises the investigation into the ex-RAF ex-British Airways pilot of the Shoreham death jet, Andy "Hilz" Hill.    

The Havering Witness is absolutely astounded that the POLICE NEEDED TO GO TO HIGH COURT TO GET SHOREHAM EVIDENCE RELEASED !

Shoreham Obstruction Continues - Police Go To Court To Get Evidence Released

Aviation Elite Close Ranks On Shoreham Death Jet Liability

Shoreham Death Jet Pilot Had "Previous Safety Incident"

Four Months Before Police "Allowed" To Interview Shoreham Pilot - No Arrest Made

Shoreham Victims Remembered But Still No Arrest Of Pilot

Interview of Shoreham Pilot Being Delayed

Aviation Enthusiasts - Unpleasant Comments About Shoreham

Journalist Nicholas Hair Implies Public Are to Blame For Shoreham Deaths

Croydon Tram Driver Arrested

David Wildridge Calls Shoreham Death Pilot "Best of The Best" 

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