Monday, 19 September 2016

Pro-Brexit Royalist MP Andrew Rosindell Betrays The People of Gibraltar ??

Dr Joseph Garcia (from Gibraltar)
Dr Joseph Garcia leader of the Gibraltar Liberal Party spoke in the Lib Dem conference's debate on the EU today. Voters in Gibraltar backed EU membership by 95.9% to 4.1% in the referendum on 23 June. Dr Garcia says many people commute from Spain to work in Gibraltar, adding: "Without free movement of people at that border we risk losing half of our entire labour force."  He was followed by former MEP Liz Lynne, who calls for "a parliamentary vote on the terms of the negotiation at least" following the "consultative" referendum vote to leave the EU.

Andrew Rosindell MP in stark contrast to his public statements on The Falklands - that the democratic wishes of the Falkland Islanders should be paramount - has campaigned for years against the wishes of 96% of the people of Gibraltar who want to stay in the EU.

Not for the first time in his obseqious career as a royalist "politician" Andrew Rosindell MP is guilty of deep contradictions - many people in Havering have long suspected him of being a royal spy that specialises in politics and not an proper MP repesenting their views.

Havering's Royalist Nutters Let Down Our Young People.

Speak up and kick "creepy" Andrew Rosindell MP out !

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