Thursday, 18 August 2016

Well Done Jo Johnson ! Government Crackdown On Universities Guilty Of Poor Teaching

Higher Education Minister Jo Johnson MP

As English republicans who view Oliver Cromwell as the greatest Englishman of all time we at The Havering Witness rarely supports the policies of the Conservative Party. However on this occasion we loudly applaud Conservative government minister Jo Johnson for his plans to scrutinise the quality of teaching at British universities. 

Well Done Mr Johnson !!
The Telegraph Report on Higher Education Ministers Plans

Queen Elizabeth II Invites French Jews To Live In London

Oliver Cromwell is an English hero who should no longer be smeared by British Royalists.

For many many years British Royalists have enjoyed drawing our attention to the "liberal" jewish immigration policies of Oliver Cromwell.  Cromwell reversed the ban of jews entering England which had been in place since 1290 in the reign of King Edward I. 

The Failed Monarchy of Queen Elizabeth II
The re-admission of Jews into England in 1656 under the Cromwellian Protectorate was interpreted by British right-wing historians as "evidence" of Cromwell’s toleration and compassion towards Jews.  This was used by cromwell-hating royalists for many years to "undermine" Cromwell's inpressive victory in the English Civil War and the subsequent execution of Charles I.   According to royalists 17th Century jews were somehow mysteriously connected to later Bolshevik jews who took part in the Russian revolution. The drawing of these comparisons is a favourite method of Royalist historians.  Royalists have long used weak jewish and communist "associations" to "smear" the histories of true English heroes like Cromwell. 

BUT Now Queen Elizabeth II near the end of her record-breaking reign has invited French jews to live in England - there is no sign that this will attract any criticism at all. This latest Royalist hypocrisy is, of course,  quietly ignored by the British Conservative press.

It looks very much like the British Royals want to be much much more friendly with the USA and its sizeable jewish population following the closeness of both the Scottish independence vote and the Brexit vote.  The UK has never looked so divided and unsure of its future - the legacy of the failed reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

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