Friday, 1 July 2016

Racism Directed at White Eastern Europeans By Rich BREXIT Asians

Rich asians laughing at ordinary Briitsh people
Are you like us in being completely puzzled by the BREXIT campaign and their perpetual emphasis on European migration ?  Why on earth are the Brexiteers shouting at Eastern Europeans who come hear to work WHEN many many  more millions of Asians, Caribbeans and Africans have been in the UK taking jobs, housing, school places and many more scarce resources for decades. The middle-class wealthy asians and blacks sit back and laugh with their Conservative Party friends at the ordinary British citizen beng left behind !!   

The Eastern Europeans who have come to the UK generally work in low pay manual jobs whereas Asian families CONTINUALLY BOAST about their own wealth and success in the legal professions, medical professions and businesses of all kinds. They have taken billions upon billions out of the British economy and sent it abroad to make even more money elsewhere !!   

Asians wallowing in wealth
However NOT ONE WORD was said in the Brexit migration debate about the massive UK Asian or Black populations and the wealth they have taken out of the British economy to suit THEIR interests - a state within a state.

Asian women covered in gold
Once again the Havering Witness would like to apologise wholeheartedly to the hard-working Easten Europeans for the Brexit vote. Eastern Europeans who have come to this country to try and improve their own prospects helped to make the UK (whats left of it) a better place to live. Thank you Eastern Europe for your politeness and contribution to our economy.

Report on Poland by World Bank

Report on Romania by World Bank 

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