Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Judge Dame Mary Hogg "Refuses To Apologise" For Tragic Death Of Ellie Butler (Age 6)

Hogg's Judgement "Hindered" Help For Ellie
The Daily Mail reports that Judge Dame Mary Hogg "refuses to apologise" for sending a six year old child, Ellie Butler, baxk to live with her killer father Ben Butler. Brn Butler's partner Jennie Gray assisted in the attempted cover-up of the murder of Ellie by a fake phone call to the emergency services two hours after little Ellie had already been murdered by her partner Ben Butler.

Daily Mail reports:

The family court judge who was told she'd 'have blood on her hands' when she returned Ellie Butler to her murderous father has failed to apologise, simply saying: 'It's not personal'. Dame Mary Hogg dismissed evidence of domestic abuse, glossed over convictions for violence and ignored social services' pleas not to allow Ben Butler and Jennie Gray to regain custody of their little girl.
Ellie had been taken away from her parents when Butler was found guilty of violently shaking her when she was just seven weeks old. But, after Butler's conviction was quashed, the judge 'exonerated' him and allowed Ellie to be returned to his care. Even as she sanctioned the order, Ellie's maternal grandfather Neal, who had been looking after her, warned the judge would have 'blood on her hands' - a chilling prediction which came true just 11 months later. Yesterday a serious case review published in the hours after Butler's conviction found the judge's decision hindered authorities from intervening and potentially saving Ellie's life. But asked whether she felt responsible for the little girl's death, Dame Mary - herself a mother - refused to say sorry. She merely replied: 'It's not personal.'

Murder victim Ellie Butler age 6 - may God find justice
Deapite the clear lack of judgement shown by Dame Mary Hogg which resulted in the subsequent death of little Ellie Butler we predict that there won't be any successful criminal prosecution or civil action against her or her establishment chums - some of whom will no doubt be enjoying some fox hunting or other country hunting pursuits at the weekend.  When the keepers of justice behave like this what kind of example does it set ?