Thursday, 3 December 2015

Former Aide To Andrew Rosindell MP Linked To Suicide Of Elliott Johnson

Elliott Johnson (right, Daily Mail photo)
Andre Walker, a former aide to Andrew Rosindell MP, has been linked to the suicide of tory activist Elliott Johnson by several national newspapers. Mr Walker is previously known to have assisted Mr Rosindell, who is thought to be gay, in defining his political stance towards gay marriage and civil partnerships.  Mr Rosindell frequently appeals to traditional values in his campaiging but many observers are confused by persistent rumours about Mr Rosindell's private life conflicting with his public political image of a monarchist Conservative with full support for christian family values.

Elliott Johnson took his own life on a railway track in Bedfordshire last September following a series of rows and complaints about bullying within the Conservative Party.  Andre Walker is one of two names most linked to the bullying that is claimed to be the reason for Mr Johnson taking his own life.

Andrew Rosindell MP has made no public comment on the suicide or the link to claims of bullying by one of his former aides.
No Comment On Andre Walker ? Even in an inquiry ?

Andre Walker speaking on behalf of Andrew Rosindell MP

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