Friday, 30 October 2015

Deaths of journalists Jill Dando, Veronica Guerin and John Bauldie "linked" to Matthew Harding

Three Journalists Linked To Matthew Harding Killed.

Murder of Jill Dando linked to helping Harding ?
The Havering Witness justice campaign was founded by an eye-witness to criminal orchestration in the London Borough of Havering in the 1980s . Matthew Harding learnt of the scandal via his friend John Bauldie.  The local Conservative Party assisted by senior police officers carried out a criminal orchestration plan to close the college because of its proximity to the wealthy Emerson Park estate. 

The Daily Star has reported that murdered journalists Jill Dando and Veronica Guerin had been in contact with Matthew Harding prior to their deaths.

Later another journalist, John Bauldie, was killed alongside Harding in a helicopter crash. John Bauldie was the domestic partner of Biology lecturer Penny Garner who worked at Havering College of Further Education. John Bauldie is alleged to have been "investigated" by police or ex-police officers looking for sleaze as part of the plan to try and close the college.  Mr Bauldie's name is thought to have been sent to the FBI due to his writings and fanzine about musician Bob Dylan. Mr Bauldie was also on the launch staff of Q magazine.  

Daily star report of Harding link to Jill Dando and Veronica Guerin

Our first article about Harding links to Havering via journalist John Bauldie