Saturday, 26 September 2015

"Rumoured to be gay" Andrew Rosindell MP Says Traditional Marriage Is Best For Society - Why doesn't he confirm his sexual orientation ?

Havering Witness Supports Traditional Heterosexual Parenting
The "rumoured to be gay" MP for Romford, Andrew Rosindell, has called Havering's unmarried parents statistics "disappointing".  The new statistics from the Office of National Statistics show that 49% of babies born in Havering were to parents who are not married or in a civil partnership. These figures show Havering to be the WORST of all the 32 London Boroughs for single parents (from report by Emma Lake, p.21 Romford Recorder, 25/9/15). Andrew Rosindell MP, who is heavily rumoured to be gay, made no reference to gay adoptions and  said "I'm  a firm supporter of traditional marriage, and I believe it is always best for children if their parents are married. Marriage binds people together in a way that goes beyond just a long-term relationship, and helps to provide stability .. .The figures released for single parents in Havering are therefore disappointing".

The Havering Witness and the majority of Havering voters ALREADY KNOW that traditional heterosexual parents are best for a child - do we need the "rumoured to be gay" MP for Romford to imply that ? Mr Rosindell is also very keen on encouraging young people to join the armed forces BUT needless to say he has NO MILITARY SERVICE himself.

We say that Mr Rosindell has a number of very serious contradictions with the traditional royalist christian conservatism he CLAIMS to represent:

  • ROSINDELL is rumoured to be gay and there is no confirmation of his sexual orientation, BUT he makes reference to the importance of traditional marriage for parenting and role models generally.  How can the unclear Mr Rosindell represent the best interests of parents looking for leadership on family issues ?
  • ROSINDELL makes perpetual references to the armed services and the police and encourages young people to join up but has no military or police service himself. How can the civilian Rosindell represent the best interests of the armed services ?  
  •  ROSINDELL makes constant reference to his firm support of the Queen and royal family but also claims to be an admirer of Margaret Thatcher whose policies in Scotland have cause the biggest rift in the British union of nations since its creation. The SNP have returned a staggering 56 out of the 59 possible Scottish MPs to Westminster. 
We say that Andrew Rosindell MP is a main of unsustainable contradictions and SHOULD NOT be the MP for Romford or anywhere else. 

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