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Journalist Nicholas Hair infers public expectations are cause of Shoreham Air Show deaths !

Pilot Andy Hill Whose Plane Killed Innocent People
The Shoreham air crash disaster has resulted in the loss of eleven innocent lives. Unbelievably, transport journalist Nicholas Hair has inferred that the public are to BLAME for the Shoreham crash !

In contrast to the inference of Nicholas Hair on Radio 5 live, the general public DO NOT demand that vintage aircraft MUST be flown beyond their safe limits. The general public DO NOT want ANY DISASTERS to happen at a public air show - they want a safe day out. We think Mr Hair's outburst on Radio 5 Live illustrates the arrogant attitudes within the aviation community.   

Road Side Tributes To The Innocent Shoreham Victims
Speaking on Radio 5 Live Transport Journalist Nicholas Hair said "Public shouldn't expect manoeuvres from old planes". People expect to see "barrel rolls and loop the loops" at air shows despite the age of some of the planes involved, says aviation journalist Nicholas Hair. He said although ex-military aircraft do have a longer shelf-life than commercial aircraft, the public should be "a bit more sensitive" to the age of "museum pieces" participating in air shows. Speaking about the safety of air shows, Mr Hair said he would "hate" for shows which raise "raise thousands of pounds for charities every year" to be stopped because of a "freak accident."The final death toll of the accident is still to be confirmed. 

Twitter tweets from journalist Nicholas Hair 
Twitter photo of Nicholas Hair

  Aug 23  
Andddddddd relax. Thanks to Breakfast and Five Live for having me this morning - I hope that we have dispelled plenty of speculation.

Come on, Pilot Hills. Keep fighting.

With the Airshow cancelled today, please consider donating to so that they can continue to do their excellent work

The First Innocent Victims Reported
BBC reports that first Shoreham victims named are Matt Jones (left) and Matthew Grimstone (right).  In a tribute, Sue and Phil Grimstone said: "The family are in total shock at losing our dearest son Matthew so tragically at 23 years old. "He was the kindest person you could ever meet, with a great wit. "In his 23 years, we can honestly say he never lost his temper." Speaking on Facebook, Mr Jones' sister Becky said: "We are devastated to say Matt Jones was one of the fatalities."

A further 14 people were injured, four of whom were taken to hospital, when the jet crashed on the A27 at 13:20 BST.

Journalist NIcholas Hair Blames Public

Eye-Witness Accounts Of Crash

Tributes Paid to Victims

Victims Mother Calls For All Air Shows To Take Place Over Sea

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