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The Unpleasant Comments Of Aviation Enthusiasts About Shoreham Air Crash Deaths

It has been revealed that the Red Arrows decline to perform at Shoreham Air Show because it is considered "too dangerous".
Daily Mirror Photo Of Shoreham Air Crash
In response to Sky News article Air Shows To Be "Significantly Restricted" (see below) the following comments were made by aviation enthusiasts using anonymous names who differ greatly to the general public who wished to visit Shoreham for a safe day out only with no particular expectations from the pilots / aircraft. Note that the comments below are all concerned with the continuation of their aviation interest only and NOT PUBLIC SAFETY - surely this is an offence like protecting dangerous driving ? 

Linked comments made to Sky News article, click Sky News Article

1) Comment by Cottonweaver
 I wonder if;-
 a), the media el al will create such a clamour when the next motorway pile up happens....

 b) if as a result all roads, including motorways, will be restricted to a maximum of 30 mph... indefinitely.
And Sky news have trawled back to the Farnborough air display accident of 1952 and given details of incidents and casualties.
To keep a true perspective and in the interests of fairness and safety would it not be appropriate to also give details of the total road traffic accident casuality figures in the same timeframe as a comparison.

Pilot Andy Hill Whose Plane Killed 11 Innocent People
2) Comment by GlobalHawk
I was waiting for this knee jerk reaction from the CAA, bowing to intense Govt pressure based on largely sensationalist and inaccurate media reporting. Until the cause is identified, which at the moment it isn't, ground all Hunters and Gnats. Hundreds of displays take place every year in the UK in front of 100's of thousands of spectators with this type of historical aircraft. The UK already has stringent regulations in place for air displays and this was a tragic accident. Some of these supposed experts the press are speaking to don't have a clue when it comes to the facts behind this and their level of expertise

3).Comment by arharvey72

Complete knee jerk. Nothing is 100% safe.

4) Comments by dewing5

The Plane Before It Crashed On A Heavily Populated Narrow Strip Of Road
Also these restrictions are going to spoil airshows for everyone else. Everyone is looking for someone to blame, what is wrong with this country, it was an accident. Could have been a lorry that ploughed into everyone would you call to ban lorries.  They keep in about the red arrows, they were never supposed to be there in the first place, shore ham wasn't on their list of airshows

5) Comment by Peter2207

This is just a knee jerk reaction following a tragic accident. I don't see them shutting Gatwick and Heathrow which have hundreds of planes every day flying over motorways on the way into land. Surely there is more chance of a 747 having engine failure and crashing onto the motorway than there was of Saturday's accident at Shoreham?

6) Comment by Elephant Man
 Ridiculous, I was waiting for this typical knee jerk reaction we frequently see in this country. Why don't we stop planes flying that will make us all safer!

The world is not a sterile environment and unfortunately accidents do happen. This is tragic but the reality is that the people who died were at a much greater risk on their car journey than they ever were of having a fighter jet land on them and we don't limit cars to 10mph do we!

------ End of extracted aviation enthusiast comments

We condemn the the above comments made by aviation enthusiasts we would like to simply remember the innocent victims of the Shoreham air crash announced so far and call for public safeyy to be the paramount consideration of all air shows and NOT the hobbies of a select few.

Sky News article with unpleasant comments from aviation enthusiasts

Red Arrows Deemed Shoreham Air Show Too Dangerous For Display

Shoreham IsToo Dangerous !! Daily Express Reports RED ARROWS REFUSAL to perform at Shoreham 

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