Friday, 21 August 2015

Simon Abney-Hastings - Long Live The Rightful King of England

Did you know that an Australian citizen is purported to be the rightful King of England ? Simon Abney-Hastings is apparently the King of England following the sad death of his father Michael in 2012.

King Simon Abney-Hastings ?
The Telegraph reports that "Simon Abney-Hastings, the 15th Earl of Loudon, is a 37-year-old bachelor who works for a fabrics company in the town of Wangaratta, about 140 miles from Melbourne. He said he was aware he was "possibly" the rightful king but would prefer not to take the throne."

In 2004 a Channel 4 documentary suggested that King Edward IV was conceived illegitamately and the crown should have passed to the Plantagenet line which eventually ends at the Abney-Hastings family in Australia.

What has this to do with Havering you might ask ? Well the Royal Liberty of Havering charter of 1465 was issued by King Edward IV.  As King Edward IV is not regarded as a true king due to his illegitamacy then the 1465 Charter is not valid.  The local royalist community are always keen to quote the "legal freedoms" of a royal liberty charter as a political and cultural slight against parliament but this conduct can be potentially declared formerly illegal and hence a potential criminal offense. 

Simon Abney-Hastings (from wikipedia)

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