Saturday, 15 August 2015

Andrew Rosindell MP - An Advocate of Everbody Else Joining The Armed Services

Rosindell's "Inspiration" Advising Margaret Thatcher
Andrew Rosindell MP prides himself on his patriotism but needless to say he has NO UNIFORMED NATIONAL SERVICE OF HIS OWN like many flag-wavers in the Romford Conservative Party he talks a lot about national service but there was never any real prospect of HIM (or any of the big mouths in Romford Conservative Party circles) ever joining up themselves.  However they think it is of the HIGHEST IMPORTANCE that OTHER PEOPLE and their children DO JOIN.

The opportunities that Mr Rosindell has taken to encourage OTHER PEOPLE'S children to join the armed services and police must number in the tens of thousands and Mr Rosindell's political fortunes are linked to it.. Mr Rosindell is the "king of subsidised jaunts" as journalist Simon Heffer described him (reference 1) his lack of national service doesn't stop him arranging endless photo opoortunities with armed services all over the world at the TAX PAYERS EXPENSE.

Lord Archer Was Convicted of Perjury
Perhaps he thinks that flag-waving and encouraging EVERBODY ELSE to join up is one way to sample the good life. Mr Rosindell held a recent "celebration" of his 25 years of "public service" with guest of honour Lord Jeffrey Archer, a friend of Mr Rosindell fo 30 years and "the man who inspired him to become an MP." (3).   There aren't many people in politics today who would call the convicted Lord Jeffrey Archer an "inspiration" perhaps that tells us all we need to know about Andrew Rosindell MP.

 1. Simon Heffer On Rosindell - The "King of Subsidised Jaunts"   

2. Rosindell's "Celebration" of 25 Years "Public Service"

3. Lord Archer Convicted For Perjury

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